Licensing Agreement.

Last updated October 19, 2022

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Copyright of all our materials remains with Tjibby Marketing® and is not transferred to you nor any third parties. Credit / Attribution is not required but always appreciated. Use #tjibby or @tjibbymarketing so we can keep track of how you use the templates and we even might feature your creations and be eligible for a giveaway campaign.

Any breach of copyright will result in legal action. Please report any breaches of this copyright to


Things You CAN Do With The Templates!

✅ Use the templates for your business / brand / Social Media Account!
✅ Modify fonts, colors, copy so the templates fit your own style.
✅ Use the templates for multiple businesses/blogs for which you are the sole owner off.
✅ Use the templates to create content and promote your brand on your social media, webinars, courses, trainings, website etc.


Things You CANNOT Do With The Templates!

❌ Claim the templates, designs, copy or any of the elements as your own.
❌ Include the templates in website templates, design templates, quote templates or any other editable product for sale or free distribution.
❌ Sell, loan, or give away the templates or allow a third party to use them in any way.
❌ Share the materials with third parties - whether a client or a friend without previous written consent obtained directly from Tjibby Marketing®.
❌ Use the templates for client work or social media management.
❌ Create derivative products from the templates such as your own templates, swipes printable, mugs, print, or any such products for sale or give away for free.
❌ Use the images to promote or sell other content and design templates, design products, services, resources, courses, whether free or paid.



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