So You Can Grow Your IG Account Without The Horrendous 
I-Need-To-Post-Something Pressure!



And Here Is Why...


The great thing about the carousel post is that you can (and should) only dedicate the first slide to having a great hook! Without giving anything away. 

This way it's easier to attract people from the explorer page to your post.

In contrast to the single image where you give everything away. And a video in which they often miss the whole hook due to autoplay!


If you have a hook that increases their curiosity. Then they'll have to apply micro-interactions (swipe left) to find out more. Many studies have shown that these micro-interactions are more likely to lead to actual post-engagements. Read: Like, save or reply to your post.

Much more than you would have on a video and a single image.

This is the main reason why the carousel post is the format with the highest engagement rate.


But the biggest reason for especially entrepreneurs is that you can dedicate the last slide to promoting your offers. 

You can literally promote your offers on every post on Instagram without annoying your followers.

Because you'll dedicate the earlier slides to valuable or entertaining content. Which also increases the chance that a post will go viral and that your promo slide will benefit from the enormous reach. 


However, There are two downsides of a carousel post.

It's Hard To Make An Attractive Carousel!

Creating attractive IG carousel posts can be very complicated. Especially if you don't know how to use those oh-so-complicated photo editors. And if you're not that creative in this area, it certainly won't get any easier.

It's Extremely Time-Consuming!

Not only to come up with the content but also to design 10 slides every time from scratch takes a huge amount of time. And if you don't like designing these images, you'll most likely end up only posting one image or simple low-quality carousels. Which are just a waste of time. With little to no engagement.

Ending up not posting anything at all!

We're going to end this here and now ...


A bundle of systems, playbooks, idea bank, canva templates, and more to help you create tons of unique and great-looking carousel posts for your IG account in no time.

 No boring content.

 No overused templates!

 No endless courses.

 But, Everything You Need To Schedule Months Of Carousels In less than a week!

  The Airtable Template


From A Simple Idea To A High Converting Carousel Post.

✔️ Submit your ideas from your laptop or phone and attach whatever Canva template you want. 

✔️ Write down all the text for each slide one by one by filling out a form. 

✔️ Open the Canva template directly from the Airtable base. 

✔️ Copy and paste your text into the template and schedule your post.

A new carousel creating machine is born! 

The ultimate workflow you wish you'd known sooner!




 The Templates


We have a Canva template for every type of content. 
Read: top lists, guides, timelines, common mistakes, etc.

You never have to design a carousel from scratch again!

We've used elements in a way to make it look seamless. Like it's one image instead of multiple images.

All following the good old AIDA formula.

 see some examples below.


Great for sharing a routine like your morning routine.

 The special leave CAROUSEL.

Great for sharing an amazing story. 

The 3 step carousel.

Great for sharing a 3 step guide!

The car journey carousel.

To share an inspiring journey or a life lesson. 

The booklist carousel.

To share some must read books in your niche.

The trail guide carousels.

To Share A Step By Step Guide On How To Do Certain Things.

the top 5 list carousel

A super creative way to share an engaging top list.


Great way to compare statistics between two groups. Such as male vs female. USA vs Europe.

the do's-and-don'ts carousel.

For when you want to show common mistakes people make in your niche.

statements carousel.

A  stylish way to share your statements or quotes from people in your niche. 

The 6 step guide Carousel.

Great way to share the steps someone needs to take to get to an end result. 

WITH A Total Of 42 Carousel Templates 

 With More Than 400 Slides! 

A carousel template for every type of content!

 Everything is fully editable with Canva! (Freemium)

Take a sneak peek

 The ideas!


Now we have a beautiful workflow and great-looking carousel templates. All we need now are some content ideas.


We have a few ideas in our content idea bank. Like a more than 32,000 few...

Listicle ideas. 

social bait questions. 

funny polls/quizes

inspiring quote library

how to guide ideas

Quickly find the ideas useful for your niche with custom filters!

 The playbook!


And we saved the best for last!

Now that you've got all of your templates, workflows and content ideas. We'll also share a little something special - our playbook on how to schedule unlimited carousels without breaking your neck or going crazy with this whole scheduling thing (or both).

And this is how you'll schedule unlimited carousels!


   The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint ---- ---- Value $197

   CCA Airtable System ---- ---- ---- Value $297

   32 Static Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $290

   10 Video Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $197

    Social Bait Questions (+500) ---- Value $97

    Top Listicle Ideas (+300) ---- Value $57

    Fun Poll Questions (+100) ---- Value $37

    The Quote Library (+1800)---- Value $57

    Content Idea Bank! (32,000 Ideas) ---- Value $197

    The Seamless Carousel Canva guide! ---- Value $37

  The CMP Email training! ---- Value $37

  Daily Engagement Checklist ---- Value $17

  Daily IG Story plan ---- Value $17

Total Value: $1,534


Now For Just 

(One-Time Investment)

 Not enough? Ok let's throw in some bonuses. Why?

 Well, because it's you! 😉


Want to know how to split images to make seamless carousels with Canva?

We give you this super easy guide on how to do precisely that for free if you order today!

Make all your carousels a billion times more attractive!

 The CMP Email training

To make sure you get the most out of the carousel madness pack, we’ve put together a quick email guide.

Right after you’ve ordered, we’ll send you a daily email.

To help you get going with some tips and tricks. 

To make sure that you’ll reach your goal and schedule unlimited carousel posts at the end of the week! 🤗

Finally, able to cross Instagram content creation off your to-do list!


Increase your engagement and reach by doing these small daily tasks and following the daily IG story checklist.

After all, social media is all about being social. 

If you want to receive engagement, you must give engagement!

 lifetime access to future updates

We started not too long ago with only just 30 Canva templates. (No idea bank) Which grew into this massive bundle as it is today. And we don’t plan to stop adding new great stuff to this bundle.

So lock in this tremendous cheap price by ordering today and share your feedback with us. So we can make this bundle even better than it already is!😊

Just read this sweet message we got from someone who has been with us from the beginning.


A beginner friendly video tutorial on how to be omnipresent on the biggest social media. Social media is more than just Instagram.


Save $50 Now!

   The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint ---- ---- Value $197

   CCA Airtable System ---- ---- ---- Value $297

   32 Static Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $290

   10 Video Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $197

    Social Bait Questions (+500) ---- Value $97

    Top Listicle Ideas (+300) ---- Value $57

    Fun Poll Questions (+100) ---- Value $37

    The Quote Library (+1800)---- Value $57

    Content Idea Bank! (32,000 Ideas) ---- Value $197

    The Seamless Carousel Canva guide! ---- Value $37

  The CMP Email training! ---- Value $37

  Daily Engagement Checklist ---- Value $17

  Daily IG Story plan ---- Value $17

Total Value: $1,534


Now For Just 

(One-Time Investment)

Just Imagine That


Whatever happens, you'll be posting something on your IG account every day for (At least) 6 months.

Have you ever managed to remain consistent for 6 months? 

Most likely not, as it is extremely difficult.


Due to the lack of engagement.

However, preplanned content doesn't care about your feelings.
It will keep posting no matter how low the engagement is.

  • Not posts that everyone is posting
  • Not posts that are boring,
  • Not posts that nobody cares about.

 But only fun, informative, and interactive carousel posts!

The truth is we could 1000% charge $300 or $400 for the terminator system alone!

The amount of time you'll save by systemizing your dream team is priceless!

And now you also get...

  • The Powerful Workshops! 
  • Templates 
  • Playbooks 

For not the regular price of...


But we’re going to practically give it away…

For $47

No Worries OR Risk... The Product Comes With A
100% 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Carousel madness pack and then...make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

What others had to say!

WHy is this a great investment?

The number one reason most businesses fail with Instagram (Including myself) is not being consistent with their content.

We show you how to think of great content (Content Vault), how to create the carousels (Canva Templates), and how to schedule everything (Blueprint) as quickly as possible. 

And all that in the most organized and streamlined way! (Airtable template)

So not only will you have the exact blueprint on how to schedule 6 months of content. You’ll also get 42 templates, a time-saving workflow, and thousands of content ideas along with it.

All that for only $47. Don’t know about you, but I think that’s an absolute steal.


Absolutely! Not only the templates but also the Airtable base. I can no longer think of working without it.

Below you can see how we use the templates to share our content.


And we have an unlimited number of carousel posts scheduled. So even if we decide not to create new posts from now on, we'll ALWAYS be posting something!


  20+ Static Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $270

   10+ Video Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $197

    Content Creation Accelerator Guide ---- Value $57

   CCA Power System  ---- ---- ----  Value $197

   Content Idea Bank! (30,000 Ideas) ---- Value $197

  The Social Media Power Up Video Training!  ---- Value $297

   Lifetime Access To Our Members Area! ---- Value $97

Total Value: $1115


Now For Just 

(One-Time Investment)


What Is This Exactly ?
The Carousel Madness Pack is a bundle of tools and digital assets that I use to post carousels on Instagram every day.

👉 The Airtable base to store your ideas and to write the text in a more streamlined way.
👉The canva templates to quickly design the images for each carousel. (Yes, every carousel posted on our Instagram page is made with one of the templates.)
👉The content idea bank to get new fresh content ideas.
👉The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint shows you how to create a 6-month carousel in just six days. Which will automatically repost everything.

As you can see, this bundle/toolkit has everything you need to make carousel posts a breeze.
Does This Work For My Niche?
If your niche or industry you work in can benefit from being seen as an expert. The templates are mainly created to educate your followers and, at the same time, offer your products. Suppose you sell clothes. You could use the common mistakes carousel to share fashion mistakes. Or the do’s and don’ts in fashion and then use your products.
What Is Airtable?
Airtable is like a spreadsheet with superpowers. Because in addition to the grid view, you can also see your data in many other views. Such as the kanban view (similar to Trello), gallery view, and calendar view. 

Creating an Airtable base from scratch can be a bit technical. Airtable even has its own code language. But luckily, we did most of the creating process for you. All you need to do is copy the base to your account, and you’re good to go.

You don’t even need a paid account for this to work.
So How Does The Airtable Template Work?
Imagine you’re in the bathroom, and all of a sudden, an absolutely fantastic idea pops up.

You pick up your phone, open the submission form and submit your idea...

And another one...
And another one...

As soon as you crawl behind your laptop again. You’ll see all ideas appear as handy cards in your Airtable base. You click on one of the cards, and a window with a form appears. Here you can write exactly what you want to say on each slide of your carousel.

Once you’ve written the text for each slide, click the blue button at the bottom of the card button, and the Canva template will open.

You copy and paste the text onto the Canva template and customize the template with some unique design elements.

Finally, when you’re done, go to the “schedule” view in your Airtable base, and you’ll find all the completed carousels ready to be scheduled with the social media planner of your choice! Neatly divided by category. Check the box when scheduled, and it will disappear from view. To keep it all organized!

Well, this is precisely how the Airtable template works.
I don't have a laptop can I still use it? 
Yes, Airtable and Canva both have excellent mobile applications. So you can also edit these templates straight from your phone.

Can I resell these templates?
No, you can not. You can only use these templates for your own business/ IG account.

We do, however, have a generous affiliate program, where you can earn up to 50% commission on all tjibby products.

Join our affiliate program right here!

What is Canva? 
Canva is the most famous (more than 60 million users monthly) web-based (meaning no software to download) image editor out there. 

Which way more beginner-friendly than for instance Photoshop. 

But best of all, it's completely free to use. 

Click here to create an account. (Link opens in a new tab.)

How Many Canva Templates Are There?
As of now, there are 42 templates. (We started with 30.)
We mainly focused on the kind of content you can showcase with a carousel. Like checklists, guides, common mistakes, do's and don'ts, etc.
Below you can find the complete list.

What Type Of Templates Are There?
We focused mainly on the kind of content you can present with a carousel. Such as checklists, manuals, common mistakes, do's and don'ts, etc.

We tried to cover as many content types as possible.
Below you'll find the complete list. (Excl. 2 recently added templates)
Last Time I Checked The Price Was Cheaper?
Yes, that is possible. This is because we are constantly expanding this bundle. The more we add to it, the higher the price will be. However, all previous customers will automatically get all updates for free. So act now before we raise the price again.
Are There Any Discounts?
Unfortunately not and we don't plan to offer discounts in the future either. Especially since we already think we're undervaluing the value of this bundle at this price.
My Page Is Brand New With No Followers, Will This Work For Me?
Yes, of course. At first, the engagement level on your posts will be low. You'll feel like you're posting for no one. But the good thing about pre-scheduled posts. It keeps posting no matter what. I bet you'll have a decent fan base within 6 months of posting a carousel daily.
How many followers will I get?
There are so many factors that depend on that that you can't predict it at all. And if anyone does, I advise you to run away and never look back. 

This toolkit also aims to help you save time and plan daily content. Not to get you an x number of followers. However, I think we can both agree that posting a carousel every day will positively affect the number of followers, right?
How will I receive it?
Immediately after your purchase, you can create an account with us on the thank you page. So you can start building carousels right away, regardless of the time of your purchase.
What if I Don't Like It?
We have a 7 day no-questions-asked refund period. So there is absolutely no risk for you. You can order it, experience the member's area. And if it's not for you. Simply request a refund via within 7 daysm and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.
Where Are You Located?
We are located in the Netherlands. You know that little country in the northwest of Europe where they always split the bill. (Going Dutch😉).
Are There Any Upsells?
Yes, we have one upsell. The avatar vault, where we share all our drawings of people with different facial expressions. That we use for our own carousels and on this sales page.
Say no more, where can I place an order?
Amazing! I know you will love them!🥰 You can order below!


Limited Time / Lifetime Deal

What you're getting:

32 Seamless Canva Templates


10 Seamless Canva Video Templates


The Carousel Creation Accelerator - An Airtable template


The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint


The Tjibby Content Vault (+33000)


The Seamless Canva Creator Guide


Free Updates for Life


7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Click Here To Pay With Paypal!
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Dynamically Updated $XX.00

THE MEME FACTORY: Harness the power of humor and memes to vastly expand your reach! Just check the box above to add 28 unique Canva meme templates to your order for only $17. Simply fill in the blanks and create viral-worthy memes relevant to your brand and offers in no time! Perfect for taking your social media campaigns to the next level and lowering your cost per click on your ads.

THE IG STORY BUNDLE (125): Add the IG Story Bundle to your order to have a fun and awesome way to entertain your followers and increase your overall engagement! The IG Story Bundle contains 125 IG Story Templates. 50 static stories, 50 animated stories, and 25 irresistible question stories. All for just $0.22 per story. All made with Canva!

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