The Ultimate Toolkit To Create & Schedule Unlimited Carousel Posts!

Schedule unlimited IG carousels in 6 days so you can grow your IG account.

Without the I-need-to-post-something pressure.

 Never have to post again thanks to the "Unlimited Carousel Blueprint"!

 Design a carousel post in minutes with our 42 Seamless Carousel Canva Templates!

 Transform ideas into scheduled content with the "Carousel Creation Accelerator"!

 Never run out of ideas to post with our GIANT content ideas vault with more than 33,000 ideas, questions, prompts, etc.

What if you could post an informative carousel on Instagram every day from now on, HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE? 

The carousel post is an amazing way to showcase your expertise and wisdom. 
Without the need to film yourself! #introvertfriendly

And it's proven to be the content format with the HIGHEST engagement rate!

However, making ONE takes so much time and effort even if you are good at designing.

Let alone creating one daily. That's just crazy.

It will only overwhelm you, especially when delivering your service and/or products already takes so much of your time in a day.

So you start neglecting it and end up only posting boring content or even worse...

 ...nothing at all! 

Well, this is basically my story as well.

My name is Jeremy and up until now, I was facing the same issues over and over again. 

For the past 8 years, I've tried starting many Instagram pages for several projects. I always started those, full of excitement. 

Sadly, that excitement starts to drop quickly due to the lack of engagement! 

I mean, no one likes to create content for crickets.

My motivation dropped so much... That I started skipping days until I eventually stopped posting content altogether. 

But the saddest part of all is..., didn't take much longer before the project died along with it.

The thing is... 

When you put your heart and soul into the content you've created and you only hear crickets? 

That's just sad and extremely demotivating. 

But you know who doesn't care about your feelings? 

Pre-scheduled content!

Pre-scheduled material keeps going even when you don't feel like it!

So, the next time I knew I should utilize my starting-something-new-excitement to produce and schedule as much material as possible. That when you repost everything, they won't even notice it. (New followers/people reached)

I created a bunch of Canva templates. A workflow/system where I can easily dump content ideas and simply follow the creation steps. And a method (the Rainbow method) that helps me come up with tons of content ideas to create!

Eventually, I manage to create and schedule 6 months of content.

Which automatically goes to the back of the queue after posting.

So, even if I don't create new content from now on, I'll still be posting a Carousel post on my Instagram page every day.

I can't describe how great that feels, that I can let go of content creation a little bit and focus more on my actual business.

Of course I occasionally make fresh and more relevant carousels, but from now on... 

I don't have to!

And that's just an amazing feeling! 

And now you can too!

I partnered with a friend of mine and we've bundled everything that I used into one big bundle.

We even added a gigantic content vault with thousands of ideas and prompts and called it...

The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint!

This will show you the exact steps I took to schedule at least 6 months of content in just 6 days. That automatically goes to the back of the queue after posting. All following our unique Rainbow method. 

(Click on the image  above to see an example!)

The carousel creation accelerator.

An Airtable base template where you can simple dump your content ideas. (From your phone or desktop) 

So that you can follow the steps in an organized manner to transform your idea into scheduled content as structured and quick as possible!

(Click on the image above to see an example!)

42 Seamless Carousel Canva Templates.

Never design a carousel from scratch again. You'll get 42 templates each for their own type of content. 

Think of: guides, lists, quotes, questions, etc. 

All super easy to customize with the completely FREE to use Canva tool!

(Click on the image above to see an example!)

TJIBBY's Massive content vault. 

✔ Social Bait Questions (+500)
✔ Top Listicle Ideas (+300)
✔ Fun Poll Questions (+100)
✔ The Quote Library (+1800)
✔ Content Idea Bank! (32,000 Ideas)

Enough content ideas for every imaginable niche!

*Can't find your niche? Let us know and we'll add it to the vault!

Everything you need to schedule an unlimited number of posts so that you;

  • Grow your account and reach with little to no effort!
  • Save a huge amount of time that can be spent on more important things!
  • ​Become an expert in the eyes of your followers!
  • Sell your offer 10 times easier thanks to social proof!
  • Create a huge free traffic source with tons of new earning opportunities!
  • ​No matter how much your excitement and motivation drops! You'll be posting every day, no matter what!

"Pre-scheduled content don't care about your feelings!"

What others had to say!

WHo is this for?

Anyone who could benefit from being viewed as an expert in your niche. Even online store owners can benefit from this. Webshop owners typically only post images of their items. While promoting your own goods by posting a carousel of, for instants, fashion advice may be equally, if not more, effective than only posting your product images.

You even give them another reason to follow you. 

WHy is this a great investment?

The number one reason why most businesses fail with Instagram (Including myself) is not being consistent with their content.

We show you how to think of great content (Content Vault), how to create the carousels (Canva Templates), and how to schedule everything (Blueprint) as quickly as possible. 

And all that in the most organized and streamlined way! (Airtable template)

I mean, you can just dump your content idea (Some tips on what to wear for Christmas) into the Airtable base from your phone or computer. Attach the appropriate Canva template to it. Then you or someone from your team will follow the steps in Airtable. Until the idea is ready to be scheduled with the social media planner of your choice.

So not only will you have the exact blueprint on how to schedule 6 months of content. You'll also get 42 templates and a timesaving workflow along with it.

All that for only $47. Don't know about you but I think that's an absolute steal.

No Worries OR Risk... The Product Comes With A
100% 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Carousel Madness Pack and then...make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

So, let's get rid of the I-need-to-post-something pressure now and 

CLICK on the orange button below

To fill in your details!

Right after you click "Complete my order", you can immediately create an account on the thank you page and start scheduling unlimited carousels right away.

Take a sneak peek at what's inside!

So let's recap what you get in this huge bundle.

  The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint ---- ----  Value $197

  CCA Airtable System  ---- ---- ----  Value $297

  The Rainbow Method - A Powerful Social Media Plan - Value $97

  32 Static Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $290

  10 Video Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $197

   Social Bait Questions (+500) ---- Value $97

   Top Listicle Ideas (+300) ---- Value $57

   Fun Poll Questions (+100) ---- Value $37

   The Quote Library (+1800)---- Value $57

   Content Idea Bank! (32,000 Ideas) ---- Value $197

Total Value: $1523

RETAIL PRICE: $147 | SAVE $100

Now For Just 

(One-Time Investment)

 And if that's not enough, we even give you the following bonuses:


Want to know how to split images to make seamless carousels with Canva?

We give you this super easy guide on how to do exactly that, for free if you order today!

Make all your carousels a billion times more attractive!

 The CMP Email training

To make sure you get the most out of the carousel madness pack, we've put together a quick email guide.

Right after you've ordered we'll send you a daily email.

To help you get going with some tips and tricks. 

To make sure that you'll reach your goal and schedule unlimited carousel posts at the end of the week! 🤗

Finally able to cross Instagram content creation off your to-do list!


Increase your engagement and reach by doing these daily small tasks and follow the daily IG story checklist.

After all, social media is all about being social. 

If you want to receive engagement, you must give engagement!


A beginner friendly video tutorial on how to be omnipresent on the biggest social media. Social media is more than just Instagram.


  The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint ---- ----  Value $197

  CCA Airtable System  ---- ---- ----  Value $297

  The Rainbow Method - A Powerful Social Media Plan - Value $97

  32 Static Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $290

  10 Video Canva Carousel Templates ---- Value $197

   Social Bait Questions (+500) ---- Value $97

   Top Listicle Ideas (+300) ---- Value $57

   Fun Poll Questions (+100) ---- Value $37

   The Quote Library (+1800)---- Value $57

   Content Idea Bank! (32,000 Ideas) ---- Value $197

   The Canva image Splitter guide!   ---- Value $37

   The CMP Email training!   ---- Value $37

   Daily Engagement Checklist  ---- Value $17

   Daily IG Story plan  ---- Value $17

Total Value: $1631

RETAIL PRICE: $147 | SAVE $100

Now For Just 

(One-Time Investment)


Absolutely! Below you can see how we use the templates to share our content.


And we have an unlimited number of carousel posts scheduled. So even if we decide not to create new posts from now on we'll ALWAYS be posting something!


What Will I Exactly get?

You will get:
➡ an Airtable template.
➡ 40 carousel templates. With over 390 slides.
➡ More than 1800 quotes.
➡ More than 250 listicle ideas
➡ More than 500 social bait questions.
➡ More than 300 poll/quiz questions.
➡ More than 32 000 carousel content ideas!
➡ Unlimited Carousel Blueprint
➡ Daily engagement checklist.
➡ The canva image splitter guide
➡ And to all the newly added content ideas, and questions in the future. 
What is Canva? 
Canva is a web-based image and video editor. Much easier to use than Photoshop, for example.

And it's free.🤗

We've deliberately only used elements available with the free plan. A paid account is therefore not necessary.

Click here to create an account. (Link opens in a new tab.)

I don't have a laptop can I still use it? 
Yes, Canva has an amazing mobile application. So you can also edit these templates straight from your phone.
Can I resell these templates?
No, you can not. You can only use these templates for your own business/ IG account.

We do, however, have a generous affiliate program, where you can earn up to 50% commission on all tjibby products.

Join our affiliate program right here!

How will I receive the templates? 
Immediately after your order you can create an account for the CMP members area. 
What if I don't like the designs? 
If, for whatever reason, you don't like the templates. You can then request a refund within the first 7 days of purchase

Keep in mind that you also lose the right to use these templates immediately afterwards.

You can leave a message here and we will refund your money as soon as possible, without asking any questions.

Will this work for my niche?
Absolutely! When creating these designs, we focused only on the different types of content that you can share with carousels.

So if you enjoy sharing routine, timeline, lists, step-by-step guides, common mistakes, etc. with your followers.

We have a carousel for that and it will work for your niche too.

You can then always choose to add some niche related elements to the templates to make them more unique. Like adding some dumbles here and there.

We have taken into account approximately 15 niches for the questions and ideas. If you can't find your niche, let us know and we'll add some questions and ideas for your niche as well.

Even when I have an online store?
Absolutely, if you run a fashion store or cosmetics store, for example. Then you can use these templates to create a how-to-get this look guide. And then on the last slide you promote the products you used to get the look.

I can already see sales flying in. 🤑🤭
Won't we be posting all the same things now?
No, because we intentionally left the written content open. So this will be unique (and much more effective) for everyone.

With all the different types of carousels, you can come up with an ocean of unique content ideas. Which is much more effective than providing you with content that everyone is already posting.

And with "The Carousel Creation Accelerator" we will even speed up this process enormously!
What is the Carousel Creation accelerator?
This is the exact system / workflow we use to quickly create tons of carousels.

Having these templates is useless if you don't have an action plan.
That's why we've developed a time-saving system to help you come up with ideas, write down the content and plan them. Fast and easy.

All you need is a FREE airtable account.
Say no more, where can I place an order?
Amazing! I know you will love them!🥰 You can order below!



 The Unlimited Carousel Blueprint

 CCA Airtable System 

 The Rainbow Method 

 42 Canva Carousel Templates

 Social Bait Questions (+500) 

 Top Listicle Ideas (+300) 

 Fun Poll Questions (+100)

 Super Caption Prompts (+100)

 The Quote Library (+1800)

 The Canva image Splitter guide!  

  The CMP Email training!  

 The Daily Engagement Checklist

 The Daily IG Story Plan!

 How-to-guide Idea Bank! (+32,000 Ideas)!

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THE IG STORY BUNDLE (125): Add the IG Story Bundle to your order to have a fun and awesome way to entertain your followers and increase your overall engagement! The IG Story Bundle contains 125 IG Story Templates. 50 static stories, 50 animated stories and 25 irresistible question stories. All for just $0.22 per story. All made with Canva!

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