⚠️ ATTN: Experts, Course Creators, Service Providers. 


Struggling to maintain consistency on Instagram or Linkedin? Imagine posting captivating carousels (Slideshows) daily without the daily grind.

With our Carousel Creation System, you can
batch-create a month's worth of content in one day, thanks to built-in AI prompt generators and 42 stunning Canva templates.

That's 29 days to focus on what truly matters to you!


A Time-Saving Carousel Creation system

+ A ChatGPT/AI Prompt Generator

+ Seamless Carousel Canva Templates!

= Carousel Creation In Record Time!


 The Airtable System: 

📅 Stay Organized, Stress Less: Streamline your social media content creation and track your carousel magic all in one place. Like a personal assistant for your ideas, ensuring none get lost in the shuffle.

 The Content Finder Playbook: 

🔍 Never Run Out of Ideas:
Dive into a goldmine of content inspirations. It’s like having a treasure map, pointing you straight to the content gems your audience craves.

 The AI Prompt Generator: 

💡 Effortless Content Kickstarters: No more staring at blank screens! Automatically turn your brain dumps into (200+ words) AI prompts tailored for your brand. Turning content creation from a challenge into a cakewalk.

 The Brand Personality Creator: 

🌟 Unleash Your Unique Voice: Craft a brand persona that resonates. It's your brand's secret sauce, helping you stand out from the bland AI generated content and connect deeply with your audience.

 42 Canva Design Templates: 

🎨 Stunning Designs, Zero Hassle: Elevate your carousel game with ready-to-use, customizable templates. Like having a personal designer on tap, minus the hefty fees.

 30 Carousels A Day blueprint: 

🚀 Maximize Productivity: Discover the blueprint to batch-create a month’s worth of carousels in a day. Imagine a month of content ready and done, freeing you up for... well, everything else!

⚠️ Canva, ChatGPT, & Airtable are FREE to use tools! NO MONTHLY FEES hidden in the dark to ambush your budget!

With this tool box in hand, you can…

Craft 30 Carousels in Under 24 Hours.
AND Here's How!

Prework: Setting The Stage

(This is a one-time setup. Let's get the groundwork ready!)

Craft Your Brand's voice. (15 minutes)

Fill out a quick form to breathe life into your brand personality.

This ensures every piece of content feels authentically YOU!

Masterful Research.
(2-3 hours)

Dive deep and unearth hundreds of unique content ideas tailored for your audience.

Feel lost? Our step-by-step playbook's got your back!

Fill Up The Base.
(1 hour)

Feed in your researched ideas. Watch as they're magically transformed into 200-word brand voice-infused ChatGPT prompts. Like tailored recipes for your AI chef!

Chat It Up with ChatGPT. (2 hours)

Copy, paste, repeat. Handover the prompts to ChatGPT. Retrieve the content gold it spins out. Redirect that magic back to your base. Seamless!

Monthly Magic: Carousel Creation Day

(Now, every month, set aside a day, follow these 3 easy steps, and voila! A month's content, ready!)

Pick, Choose, Slay!
(15 minutes)

Skim through your treasure trove of content. Pick 30 gems that sparkle the brightest for your audience.

Design Fusion.
(5-6 hours)

Here's where the magic amplifies. With your pre-written content in hand, merge it seamlessly into our professionally designed Canva templates.

Just like that, 30 engaging carousels are ready to allure your audience.

Seamless Scheduling Sorcery. (2 hours)

Do you use a category-based social media scheduler? Fabulous! Upload your prepared carousels.

There's no need to juggle dates – just focus on categories. And with our organized checklist within the base, you’ll always know what's scheduled and what's pending.

Cheers to Freedom!
(The rest of your day/month!)

Pop the confetti! With everything queued up, you've secured 30 days of magnetic content.

And the best part? Each month, you're just one bewitched day away from a full content calendar. Enjoy the liberation and bask in the magic you've just conjured!

Why Carousels? 

Ever felt your social media was missing some zing? Well, carousels (or multi-images posts) are like the Swiss Army knife in a camper's toolkit – versatile, engaging, and always handy for a variety of tasks!

 Multi-Chapter Stories:

With carousels, you can tell a gripping story one slide at a time. Remember that time you explained the evolution of digital marketing over a decade?

It's like turning a riveting book chapter by chapter, keeping your audience hooked until the very end.

 Decode Complex Ideas:

Unpack complex topics step-by-step. Want to explain the intricacies of SEO or the recipe for your grandma's secret sauce?

Carousels let you break it down slide by slide, making the complex deliciously simple.

 Boost Engagement Metrics:

A well-crafted carousel encourages multiple interactions – from swipes to shares.

It's like hosting a mini-event right on your feed, and who doesn't love being the life of the party?

Seed for More Content:

Here's the kicker: Once you've got a carousel, you've laid the foundation for a blog, a podcast episode, and – oh, wait for it – even a Reel!

And speaking of Reels, we've got a little surprise waiting for you later on this page.

Who Needs This Magic Carousel Kit? Hint: It Might Be You!

1. Course Creators 📘:

Transform your ocean of knowledge into neat, swipeable slides. Instead of crafting daily tidbits, batch-create powerful mini-lessons or course previews once a month! Your expertise, showcased effortlessly, one carousel at a time.

2. Coaches 📣:

Your coaching wisdom deserves a grand stage, not daily scrambles for content. Use our system to package inspiration, success stories, and actionable tips. Get back to what you love – coaching, not constantly curating.

3. Consultants 📈:

Simplify and amplify! Turn complex strategies into digestible carousels. Batch-prepare case studies and insights, letting our system free you up to focus on clients, not daily content creation battles.

4. Digital Marketers 🌐:

Market smarter, not harder. With our kit, trends, stats, and strategies become engaging carousels. Dedicate one day to create a month’s worth of content, then sit back and watch the engagement pour in!

5. Service Providers 🛍:

Whether you're a realtor, dentist, or any other service maestro, our kit is tailored to make your professional wisdom shine bright in the carousel format.

Example: Realtors 🏡: Showcase property tours, spotlight local events, or share first-time homebuyer tips. Engage potential clients while painting vibrant community portraits, all in a carousel whirl.

Example: Dentists 😁: Create captivating carousels with dental care routines, transformative before-and-after shots, or even fun dental trivia. Your practice’s presence becomes not just informational but also irresistibly engaging.

Basically anyone that could benefit from being seen as an expert in the industry!

cause valuable carousels gets clients!

Think about it, you’ve intrigued someone with a catchy ad or a sleek sales page. They're tempted but need a tad more convincing. As they start their detective work, diving deep into your online presence, they discover a goldmine: your insightful carousels packed with priceless tips.

Whether it's wholesome dieting advice for a potential dietician client, or invaluable plumbing hacks that come to mind the moment their sink protests, your carousels make all the difference.

They’re not just posts; they’re compelling testimonials of your expertise. With every scroll, their doubts dissipate. A consistent showcase of your knowledge on IG or LinkedIn can be the final nudge, turning curious researchers into committed clients. Each carousel isn't just content; it's your ace in the deck.

how the Carousel Creation System saves you a massive amount of time!

STEP 1: Create a personality

Ready to give your carousels some pizzazz? Just answer a handful of questions, and voilà! Your one-of-a-kind brand personality is born. Ensuring that all the content generated by AI will have that unique brand voice infused.

Want a whole squad of brand alter egos? No problem! Keep creating personalities like a mad scientist in a marketing lab. The sky's the limit!


While On the road or from the comfort of your toilet!

➡️ Attach a personality!

Think of this step like slapping a nametag on a party guest. It's your way of saying, "Hey, this is Peter Personality, he likes long walks on the beach, and talking about dental hygiene."

➡️ Add some extra info!

Moving along, it's time to "Add Some Extra Info". Consider this the special instructions to your carousel chef.

It's where you can add details like, "The goal of this post is to encourage people to floss more often and not fear the dentist's chair."

This helps the chef know whether to go for a pinch of humor or a dash of seriousness in the final dish.

Form breakedown!

➡️ Give it a name!

Now, don't stress about being super creative here. This is a simple and straightforward process. If you're crafting a post about surviving a trip to the dentist, just name it "6 Ways to Survive the Dentist".

No need to overthink or add unnecessary frills, just stick to the facts. This will make it easier for you and your team to keep track of the carousel as it moves along the creation conveyor belt.

➡️ Attach a Canva Template.

Lastly, we have to attach a Canva template. Imagine you're in a fancy restaurant, and instead of the chef deciding how to plate your food, you get to choose!

You can pick from our smorgasbord of 42 delectable templates, or bring your own. This is all about making the plating (or in our case, designing) process smoother than a freshly iced cake.

➡️ Attach a personality!

Think of this step like slapping a nametag on a party guest. It's your way of saying, "Hey, this is Peter Personality, he likes long walks on the beach, and talking about dental hygiene."

➡️ Idea name

Next, you're going to give your idea a name. Now, don't stress about being super creative here. This is a simple and straightforward process.

If you're crafting a post about surviving a trip to the dentist, just name it "6 Ways to Survive the Dentist".

No need to overthink or add unnecessary frills, just stick to the facts. This will make it easier for you and your team to keep track of the carousel as it moves along the creation conveyor belt.

➡️ Note

Moving along, it's time to "Add Some Extra Info". Consider this the special instructions to your carousel chef. It's where you can add details like, "The goal of this post is to encourage people to floss more often and not fear the dentist's chair."

This helps the chef know whether to go for a pinch of humor or a dash of seriousness in the final dish.

➡️ Attach a Canva Template.

Lastly, we have the "Attach a Canva Template" step. Imagine you're in a fancy restaurant, and instead of the chef deciding how to plate your food, you get to choose!

You can pick from our smorgasbord of 42 delectable templates, or bring your own. This is all about making the plating (or in our case, designing) process smoother than a freshly iced cake.


Head over to the base and open the "✏️ Write content" view. Here, you'll discover all your brilliant ideas neatly organized as nifty idea cards.

And guess what? Each of these cards is packed with a freshly generated prompt, tailor-made for your idea. We're talking about a hefty 200+ words here, all ready to roll!

Simply click on the card to reveal its hidden gem, and you'll be one step closer to turning your carousel dreams into reality.


STEP 4: Design the images

Bring on the design dazzle! If you've rebranded the templates beforehand, it's a walk in the park. Just a merry game of copy-pasting the text, tweaking sizes, sprinkling some elements, and voila – a master-crafted carousel!

Plus, with the template attached to your idea card, you can pull it up directly from the base. It's like having your very own magic carpet, ready to fly straight into the world of Canva!

STEP 5: Unveil your carousel!

Unveil your dazzling carousel to the world and watch as likes and comments pour in like it's raining compliments! Plus, in the base you can keep track of all your unpublished masterpieces in one tidy list – because a true carousel virtuoso deserves some organized swagger! 

Pssst! Want to know a secret? Our base also comes with a sneaky caption prompt that conjures up captions so alluring they'll have your audience itching to comment and follow. It's like a secret weapon for your carousel's charm offensive! (Mum's the word!🤫)

Take a look at the power of this system in motion! ⬇️ 

What is The Personality Creator?

Our Personality Creator is like your fairy godmother of content! Answer a few questions about your traits, interests, and brand values, and poof – your authentic voice shines through every carousel. You only have to make this once and you can add personality to an idea as simple as labeling fruit.

How Is The ChatGPT Prompt Build?

Crafted to capture your audience's attention, our extensive (over 200 words) ChatGPT prompts provide a creative narrative for each slide, complete with a hook, build-up, punchline, and last slide promotion. It's the secret sauce to keep 'em swiping! Infused with the personality you've attached. 

Let's analyse the ChatGPT output like a mad scientist.

Discover How Our Ingenious System Effortlessly Infuses Your Unique Voice into Irresistible Carousel Content!


& Dive right into the good stuff - how our system actually works.

Picture this - you're enjoying some quiet time in the bathroom when suddenly, a brilliant carousel idea hits.

1️⃣ Maybe you're a realtor, and you want to share "6 Steps On Making Your Home More Appealing".

2️⃣ Or you're a dentist with the idea to debunk "Common Myths About Oral Hygiene".

3️⃣ Perhaps you're a marketer, itching to explain "The Art of Creating Effective Landing Pages".

With our system, you simply whip out your phone and add your genius idea to the base. 📲

Now, we're not just tossing ideas around here. You get to choose a (Pre-made by you) personality for your content. 

Maybe you want to be:

This personality touch is crucial to keep your content from sounding like another bland AI output. (More on this below.)

Next, go wild in the Note field.

ℹ️ Don't worry about making it neat or grammatically correct. This is your brain dump ground - let the creativity flow, and throw in some of your unique methods and tips while you're at it.

Now, your idea has been transformed into an idea card in your base. 

Copy this prompt into ChatGPT and watch as your scattered thoughts turn into a coherent, engaging narrative!

(just see the image below 👇).

Add this AI-woven content back into the base, and your idea card moves into the 'Design images' section.

From here, click the blue button to open the Canva template.

After a little copy-paste dance and adding some elements, voila!
Your carousel is created!

(see below 👇).

STOP and let's analyse the above carousel! ⬆️

*Zoom in if needed!

Note: Sarah loves coffee, reading thriller books, and is scared of cats. Also notice how our witty brand voice shines through. This is the personality creator in action! We haven't written or edited anything here. Heck, we don't even know anything about real estate.

As you can see, even though the content is written by AI, your audience can still connect with you as a person!   

Now upload these images back into the base, and your idea card scoots over to the 'Write Caption' section. 

Here, you'll find another AI prompt ready to pen your perfect caption.

Finally, in the 'Schedule Carousels' section, you'll find a handy checklist of all the carousels waiting to be scheduled. ✔️

And there you have it - from bathroom brainwave to scheduled carousel, all streamlined with our ingenious system. 

*All you need is a
FREE Airtable, Canva, and ChatGPT account!

So, you've got a taste of our system's magic.
Now, it's time to create a feast of content.

And where do you find these delectable content ideas, you ask?
That's where our 'Content Finder Playbook' steps in.

With this playbook, you'll never run out of content. We'll guide you on a quest to unearth a treasure trove of content ideas. We teach you how to research, dig deep, and gather hundreds of content gold nuggets to fill your base.

Including a handy spreadsheet!

Once you've stockpiled your ideas, it's time to put them to use. Welcome to our '30 Carousels a Day Blueprint'.

Our system isn't just a tool, it's a masterclass in efficient, effective content creation. So, are you ready to transform your Instagram game? Because we're ready to show you how.

ℹ️ Yes, we also include 42 professionally designed Canva templates! (Below you will find some examples)

⬇️ Behold, THE BEAUTY of Our Canva TEMPLATES!

Feast your eyes on these captivating Canva templates, designed to elevate your carousels and captivate your audience! Dive in and explore the visual wonders that await you below.

The Trail Guide Carousel!

The Car Journey Carousel

The Top 5 Carousel

The Story Carousel

The BIG Number Carousel

The Morning Routine Carousel!

The Book List Carousel

The 3-Step Carousel

And there are 34 more!

From expert insights to playful tips, our 42 dazzling carousel templates cover the whole content spectrum. Whatever your message, we’ve got the perfect swipeable stage ready for you!

Delivered in two different sizes!

All Are Fully Editable With a FREE Canva Account!


✅ REASON 1: The Magic of Gibberish

Simply unload your brain dump into our note input field, no matter how scattered or fragmented. Watch in awe as it magically transforms into 200+ words of brand-tailored, AI prompt (instructions). Like pouring water into a vase and watching it turn into wine.

✅ REASON 2: Ideas On-the-Go

Inspiration can strike anywhere, from coffee shops to midnight musings in bed. With our mobile-friendly form, jot down sparks anytime, anywhere. No barriers, just boundless creativity.

✅ REASON 3: Brand Voice, Always On Point

Your brand has its own unique song. With our personality-infused prompts, ensure every piece of content hums that melody. No more bland choruses, just your distinct rhythm, consistently.

✅ REASON 4: The Freedom of Batching

Embrace the 'create once, post many' mantra. By crafting carousels in batches, you free up so many tomorrows. More time for clients, passion projects, or just good old relaxation.

✅ REASON 5: Authority Amplifier

Becoming a voice in your field isn’t about shouting louder, but smarter. By consistently sharing quality carousels, watch as you rise from the digital crowd to stand as a beacon of expertise.


Unlock the Carousel Madness Pack 5.0, including...

 CCA Airtable System

Transform random content ideas into action plans!


 The Personality Creator

Infuse you AI generated content with personal references character.


The AI Prompt Generator

Generates the perfect content slide by slide with tension building and a punch line!


 42 Canva Carousel Templates.

Design beautiful seamless carousels in no time!


 Canva The Quick Rebranding Guide

Make sure you'll rebrand all the templates as quickly as possible!

$37 (Value)

The Content Finder Playbook!

Find ideas your UNIQUE audience is looking for!

$37 (Value)

The Content Bucket Spreadsheet

Remain organized at all times during the content research.

$27 (Value)

 The 30 carousels in 1 day Blueprint

Create carousels for a month in less than 24 hours!

$197 (Value)

 "The Carousel Creation Day" Action Checklist.

To help you to stay on track during Carousel Creation Day and stay consistent with your content creation!

$47 (Value)

 From Carousels To Faceless Reels Tutorial.

Reach a whole new audience with your old content.

$37 (Value)

A Complete Step By Step Program.

That glues all the products seamlessly together.

$97 (Value)

 The Seamless Canva Guide 🎁

So you'll know how to create seamless carousels with Canva.


 Social Bait Questions (+500) 🎁

Fun open questions you could ask in the stories and as a single post. 


 Top Listicle Ideas (+300)  🎁

Find an arsenal of listicle ideas in many different niches that are perfect for carousels.


 Content Idea Bank! (32,000 Ideas)  🎁

Get inspired by this huge content idea bank of great ideas for carousel guides.


 Fun Poll Questions (+100)  🎁

Super fun polls that are perfect for your Instagram stories. 


 The Quote Library (+1800)  🎁

Be inspired by this huge library of quotes from inspiring people from many different industries.


 Daily Engagement Checklist  🎁

Follow our daily engagement checklist to boost your reach,


 Daily IG Story plan  🎁

Follow our daily story plan to boost your overall engagement rate. 





No Worries, No Risks, Just Chuckles:

100% 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

That's right, folks! Enroll today and you don't even have to commit like it's a long-term relationship. Take a whole week to dive into the Carousel Madness Pack, absorb its awesomeness, and bask in the carousel glory. Then, make your decision based on the hilarious discoveries you've made, not on FOMO. It's a no-brainer, really!

7day_money_back_guarantee (1) png

🎁 Bonus Bonanza: Carousel Awesomeness Amplified!

Screen Shot 03-10-23 at 09 24 AM-min PNG


To help you on your way with carousels, but also to know what you can ask in, for example, your IG stories.

✅The Quote Library (+1800)
✅Listicle ideas (+300)
✅Funny Polls And Quizzes Prompts (+600)
✅The How-to's Idea Bank (+31,000)

Screen Shot 02-24-23 at 11 33 AM-min PNG


Want to know how to split images to make seamless carousels with Canva?

We give you this super easy guide on how to do precisely that for free if you order today!

Make all your carousels a billion times more appealing!

Screen Shot 03-10-23 at 01 57 PM-min PNG


Increase your engagement and reach by doing these small daily tasks and following the daily IG story checklist.

After all, social media is all about being social.

If you want to receive engagement, you must give engagement!

Screen Shot 03-10-23 at 01 57 PM-min PNG


You see, we're not just about making carousels, we're about squeezing out every bit of value from your content. This nifty tutorial will show you not one, but TWO ways to transform your freshly made carousels into engaging Instagram Reels.

Now, imagine reaching more eyeballs, growing your following, and sparking engaging conversations without having to brainstorm and write new content. Sounds like a content creator's dream, right? That's exactly what you get with this bonus.

You've done the work creating your carousel, let us show you how to make it dance the reel! Buckle up for this fun adventure and let's make your content do the double duty it deserves!


Waking up to a content treasure trove

Imagine waking up to a content treasure trove - a base brimming with hundreds of fully fleshed-out ideas, waiting to be brought to life. Each one meticulously crafted, infused with your unique brand personality, and ready to engage your audience. You're no longer staring at a blank screen but at a plethora of ideas that resonate with your voice, your vision.

Then comes Carousel Creation Day, an event that transforms from a daunting task to a rewarding experience. With your ideas set and your Canva templates rebranded, it's simply a matter of copy-pasting. Watch as your content effortlessly flows into stunning carousel posts, ready to charm your audience.

The feeling is liberating, empowering even. You've successfully systemized your Instagram content creation, and consistency is no longer an elusive goal but a satisfying reality. The Carousel Madness Pack 5.0 doesn't just change how you create content; it changes how you perceive it. From an overwhelming challenge to a manageable, even enjoyable, part of your business.

Ready To Ride The Carousel of Ease? 🎠 

With instant access, step-by-step guides, and a toolkit that makes carousel creation as easy as 1-2-3, you'll be churning out Insta-magic in no time! Just click the button below, fill in your details, and get ready to become the Carousel Conqueror you were always meant to be! **Cue triumphant laughter**

PS: Fear not about grasping our carousel creation system, for within the members' area lies an elaborate step-by-step guide chock-full of adventures and giggles, so crystal-clear that even the grandest of buffoons would become an expert.


Frequently Asked Questions


 Who is this for?

You've hit the jackpot if you're an expert, course creator, or service provider itching to build a kickass Instagram presence. If you're eager to rain down value-loaded carousels on your followers (and future followers), but find yourself struggling with consistency, then this, my friend, is for you!

 What is Airtable?

Airtable is like that multi-talented cousin everyone adores at family gatherings. It's a platform where spreadsheets and databases elope and produce vibrant offspring. Imagine a spreadsheet on steroids that makes organizing, planning, and collaborating smooth as silk.

 What is ChatGPT?

Ever wished you had a Shakespeare in your pocket to whip out poetic lines at will? Well, ChatGPT is your digital bard. It's a cutting-edge AI by OpenAI that can write, chat, and generate ideas like a pro. It can take your 2 AM coffee-fueled brainwaves and transform them into beautifully articulated pieces of content.

 What is Canva?

Canva is the fairy godmother of design. Even if you couldn't draw a stick figure to save your life, Canva's got your back. It's an online tool that lets you design anything from Instagram carousels to business cards with easy-to-use templates. You'll feel like a graphic design wizard without ever attending Hogwarts!

 Do I need to pay for these tools?

A big, resounding "NOPE"! All three superheroes in our pack - Airtable, ChatGPT, and Canva - operate on a 'freemium' model. This means you can access a heap of features for the handsome price of $0.00. So, keep your wallet tucked away safely, my friend!

 How does this system work?

Imagine a well-oiled carousel-making machine. You come up with a brilliant idea (maybe while brushing your teeth) and swiftly jot it down in your Airtable base via the mobile friendly form. The idea turns into an idea card with a freshly generated ChatGPT prompt. That turns it into a fully personality infused carousel text. You then sprinkle this content into your chosen Canva template. And voila, your carousel is ready to charm the socks off your followers! And with all that you remain organized at all times!

 What's included?

Our Carousel Madness Pack 5.0 is like a pinata bursting with value! You get an Airtable template, a personality creator for unique brand voice, a ChatGPT prompt generator, and over 40 Canva templates. Plus, there are exciting guides and the LSG method to help you create, schedule, and publish a month's worth of content in just a day.

 How does the Personality Creator work?

Think of our Personality Creator as your own digital "personality tailor". It's a well-structured, comprehensive template that guides you through a series of thoughtful questions, digging deep into your brand's voice, values, and unique quirks. As you fill out the template, you're effectively creating a brand persona, a character that embodies your brand. This persona is then used by the ChatGPT prompt generator to infuse your content with your distinctive brand voice. It's like giving your brand an AI-driven spokesperson that sounds uniquely like you!

How does the ChatGPT prompt generator work?

It's like having your own personal content magician! After you create your brand personality and submit an idea, the generator gets to work, weaving this personality and idea into a comprehensive prompt. But we don't just stop at basic content creation. Oh no, we've got this process down to an art. The generator meticulously crafts the content with a compelling structure, ensuring the first two slides serve as intriguing hooks, the following slides build up anticipation, the ninth slide delivers a punchline, and the last slide is a strong call-to-action. It's a rollercoaster ride of engaging content, from start to finish!

 How can I create 30 carousels in a day?

Imagine a content creation assembly line! Our step-by-step guides walk you through filling your Airtable base with hundreds of content ideas. Then, it's time to waltz with our generator and ChatGPT, turning your ideas into fully fleshed-out content. When the carousel-creation day arrives, you're all set to glide. Just copy-paste text from 30 ideas into our slick Canva templates. Voila! You've got a month's worth of content ready. It's the ultimate way to stay consistently brilliant without breaking a sweat!

Why do I need this?

Well, imagine winning the social media lottery without even buying a ticket. That's what the Carousel Madness Pack is all about. If you've been struggling with consistently creating engaging content, reaching your audience effectively, or just plain tired of the content creation hamster wheel, this is your golden ticket. We've wrapped up the process of generating, writing, and designing top-tier Instagram carousels into one streamlined, efficient, and ridiculously easy system. You'll have more time to do what you really love while your Instagram game soars to new heights. Now, who wouldn't want that?

How is everything delivered?

Welcome to our exclusive members' area! After purchasing, you'll gain instant access to all the goodies - the Airtable base, ChatGPT prompt generator, Canva templates, guides, and more. So, you can dive right in and start your carousel creation adventure.

 What if I don't like it?

Hey, we understand that not every shoe fits every foot. If you dive into the Carousel Madness Pack and it's not your cup of tea, don't worry. We've got a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Simply reach out within 7 days of your purchase, and we'll refund you. We're confident in our system, but your satisfaction is our top priority. Now, how's that for peace of mind?

 What is Tjibby?

Tjibby is your friendly marketing wizard! At Tjibby Marketing, we make marketing feel like child's play. Our expertise lies in systemizing marketing activities to help you build your brand, engage your audience, and grow your following without breaking a sweat.

 Didn't you guys have another IG account?

Indeed, we did! But, like a gritty action movie hero, we've faced our trials. Our previous Instagram account (@tjibbymarketing) was hacked. But, just like that hero, we've bounced back, dusted off the cyber dust, and started afresh with our new Instagram account (@TjibbyM). Follow us for more fun, insights, and a hearty dose of marketing magic!

 Amazing, where can I buy it?

Well, you're just in luck! You see that tempting, irresistible, shining orange button right below? Yep, that's your gateway to the Carousel Madness Pack! Simply click it, fill in your details, and voila! Instant access to your new best friend in content creation. Don't hesitate - start reading our fun and adventurous guide, and you'll be a carousel-creating machine in no time. Who knew that the key to your Instagram revolution was just one click away?

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