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The FB Ads CBO Cure

The CBO Framework That's Build To Test And Scale Adsets Rapidly!

No matter if you're a FB ads veteran or you don't even know what CBO stands for!

✅ Super Guide ✅ Trello Board ✅ Checklists ✅ Templates

STOP Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money On...

 Overly Priced (& Mostly Outdated) FB Courses!

 Money-Grubbing FB Ad Managers!

 Ineffectively Boosting Your Facebook Posts! 

There Is No Need To Since...

Campaign Objective Optimisation

Is Here. (*CBO)

This means that Facebook will optimize your adsets for you and will only spend the most money on the best adset within the campaign! 

This update is basically FB saying they want to build a platform, that's so easy to handle you'll never need to waste your money on any of those 3 things ever again! 

All You Need To Know Now Is How To Structure It In A Way That It's Ready To Scale, FAST!


For every product, offer, or client! 

You Need Four CBO Campaigns!





Based On This Framework We've Build A No-Nonsens Guide.

This 11-steps guide will show you exactly how to gain the most benefit out of CBO campaigns. How to structure it in a way you can experience the biggest and the fastest growth! 

In such an organized matter that you'll finally have some clear overview in your ad manager.

> How to name the campaigns, adsets, ads!
> How to find interests and how to target in general!
> How to write sales copy that gets clicks!
> How to 10x scale your winning adsets!

Facebook CBO Cure SUPER GUIDE!

No Matter If You're ...

A Complete Beginner

You'll find out how to set up Facebook ads fast and effectively.

A FB Ads Veteran!

You'll gain some structure in creating ads and find some clear overview in your ad manager!

An Organized and Structured Execution Plan For Your FB Ads!

Without all the marketing fluffiness and endless dragged-out explanations of why you should focus on their pain point! 😒

Did Someone Said Bonuses?

A CBO CURE Trello Board

After you know all the steps of the super guide from memory, then you can use our Trello board template to speed things up, stay organized, and work structured in teams!

Just create a new card for every product or offer you want to test and drag the card for each step in the following list! 

A Print-Ready Checklist

Many of us like to print out the checklist and use it physically when working on the steps. 
Therefore we will add a print-ready checklist. 

A version with not many graphical elements yet still useful!

83 Powerful Fill-in-The Blanks Headlines

To speed up the creation of Facebook headlines. 

Since Facebook does all the heavy lifting for you. We can fully focus on finding the perfect headline that gets the most clicks!

We will give 83 fill-in-the-blanks powerful headlines with the super guide!
CBO Cure SUPER Guide (Value $67)
10x Fast Scale Strategy (Value $47)
 Winning Ad Copy Formula (Value $27)
  Print-Ready Checklist (Value $17)
 Trello Board Template (Value $37)
83 Fill-in-the-blank FB Headlines (Value $47)

Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Disclaimer!

We cannot and will not guarantee that you will become successful in any way when following The CBO Cure guide. Too many factors come into play that can make or break your campaigns. Factors no one has control over. Remember you're always dealing with people, not numbers!

Again we DO NOT guarantee that you will make any money and/or getting any leads by following the CBO Cure guide!