Become more productive and consistent by stealing our entire blog creation system and following the guide to publish a blog twice a week. Even when you're a 
one (wo-)man army!

✅ A content calendar ✅ A streamlined blog creation process  ✅ A brain dumps collector 

The Ultimate Blog Management Tool Without The Monthly Fees!

 Never have to post again thanks to the "Unlimited Carousel Blueprint"!

 Design a carousel post in minutes with our 42 Seamless Carousel Canva Templates!

 Transform ideas into scheduled content with the "Carousel Creation Accelerator"!

 Never run out of ideas to post with our GIANT content ideas vault with more than 33,000 ideas, questions, prompts, etc.

IF you want to get the BEST results you have to BLOG...

At least twice a week!

Source: Hubspot

Or even better, once a day, however not everyone has a gigantic team like HubSpot who can publish multiple blog posts a day! 

I mean considering how much work goes into just one blog post, daily blogging is next to impossible when you're a solopreneur.

BUT how can you EVEN publish a blog twice a week?

Without having an enormous team at your disposal.

For that you need to have...

With this in mind, I jumped behind my laptop, opened Airtable* and after some trial and error I finally created this powerful blog creation managing system. And called it...

With it you can efficiently create your annual content plan and streamline your entire blog creation so that blogging twice a week will be child's play.👶

Call it your very own blog creation headquarters!

Simplified explained: The base is a platform where you can drop your blog ideas. An idea card is created for each idea you submit to the base.

The base is divided into 6 crucial content creation phases.

➡️ Prep phase
➡️ Research phase
➡️ Writing phase
➡️ SEO phase
➡️ Promotional phase
➡️ Linkbuilding phase.

Each view/section has its own task.

The goal is to complete the task for each view/section in the base.

The tasks include filling in something, adding a link, adding a file, checking a box, and changing the status.

The cards are only shown when the task in the previous section is completed. And disappears again when the task is accomplished.

This way, you can work in a fully structured and organized manner on multiple ideas, which is necessary if you want to publish a blog structurally this year.

⬇️ And here's how you can use it to create your pre-worked annual content plan in just one weekend

STEP 1: Add 104 blog topics. (+- 2 hours)

Add at least 104 blog topics to the base with the submission form. Don't worry. We've also added an idea bank with over 30,000 ideas, and we've linked a topic generator to the base. So this will be easy peasy!😏

STEP 2: Research each topic. (+- 2 hours)

Research each topic to find the focus keyword(s), volume, and keyword difficulty. Fill the results in the appropriate input fields so that you can quickly refer back to them in later stages.

STEP 3: Create an outline for each topic. (+- 3 hours)

The next step, make an outline for each topic. We've linked a FREE outline generator to the base to speed this up as well. Fill in the blog outline in the appropriate input field. 

STEP 4: Create your annual content plan. 
(+- 1 hour)

Finally, you simply drag and drop each idea onto the calendar. And if you want, you can even sync the calendar with your Apple or Google calendar. So you can plan around writing days.😉

⬇️ See it in action! ⬇️

ℹ️ In a similar way you go through the writing, SEO, promotion, and link building phase.

Now every time it's writing day...

However, you don't want to write for crickets, do you?

Therefore, each idea card will also have its own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) checklist. Simply go through the list, apply each crucial point and cross them off the list to optimize your blog post for search engines.

Ultimately, you can promote and build links to your blog posts in a very structured way from the same base.

Keeping everything organized and streamlined.

Now even the busiest solopreneur can spew out amazing blog posts twice a week!

3 OTHER reasons why this tool shouldn't be missing from your blogging arsenal!

Capturing Brain Dumps.

Great blog ideas always come at the weirdest times. You might experience something unique on the road you'd love to write about. Now you can capture that idea by opening the submission form on your phone. The form will immediately add it to your base and adds it to the list of ideas you need to research. And when you have time, you can go through the list and start writing your masterpiece!

Never lose a masterpiece again!

Work On Multiple Ideas.

Sometimes you are just in an excellent writing flow, and you just want to keep going. Or, on the contrary, you experience a writer's block and want to try writing about a whole new topic. With the base you can quickly jump from one topic to another without losing your pace or track. Keeps everything nice and tidy. Always keep track of which one is finished and which on isn't.

Work In Teams.

You might want someone else to proofread your blog post or need help with designing your blog promotions. It's now effortless to invite others to your base and assign particular views/sections to them. 

For example, you can add a proofreader to the proofreading section. Your proofreader will only see the idea cards you've finished writing but haven't yet been published. 

You can even create an automatic notification, meaning that as soon as a card appears in that section, the proofreader will get an email.
This way, you can easily collaborate on writing blogs without emailing each other attachments all the time.


✅ You will experience a steady increase in FREE traffic! (As stated by Hubspot)

✅ Find the long-sought continuity in sales and profit.

✅ Become the go-to expert in your niche with the endless growth opportunities that comes with it.

Not to mention all the great content you can re-use on your social channels.

But what is Airtable?

Airtable is what I like to call a spreadsheet with superpowers. Without any hard coding, you can create various systems, workflows, databases, managing tools, etc.

But don't worry, you don't need to have a thorough understanding of it, because we've done the heavy lifting for you. All you need to understand is the system we created. 

Yes, Airtable is completely free to use, as long as you stay under 1,200 records. Or in this case 1,200 blog ideas.


Hi, my name is Jeremy...

I'm almost 8 years active in the online marketing world, and 4 years ago I founded Tjibby Marketing.

And no, I won't consider myself an SEO expert.

I'll probably go to the same SEO experts like you for my SEO questions. 

“SEO isn’t about content creation. It’s about content promotion.”

Brian Dean

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.” 

Neil Patel

After reading their advice, I realized how much work is required to make your blog or website rank higher on SERP. (Search Engine Results Pages)

Alongside that report of HubSpot saying you need to post at least twice a week to see any ROI - it made me feel so inadequate.😣

I ended up neglecting my blog for years!

It wasn't until I stumbled on Airtaible that I decided to give my blog another chance.

Airtable is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create and manage databases, spreadsheets, systems, and more without any hard coding required.

After creating our own accounting system with it and a content creation system for Instagram, I knew what it was capable of. So I decided to give my blog another chance and build my very own CMS (Content Management System) using Airtable.

A couple of things it needed to have.
✅ It should have a clear plan that forces me to do all required for SEO.
✅ A place to easily dump all my ideas so I won't forget about them.
✅ Easy access to different tools and resources to have a streamlined workflow.

And after a couple of months of tweaking here and there, I finally had a system that worked for me!

The Blogger Control Base.

I now have two shortcuts on my desktop. One goes to the base itself, and one goes directly to the idea submission form. So I can quickly dump my ideas and find all my planned content in one place. 

Greatest of all, now you can use it too!

Simply click the button below and get instant access to the base.

And, as our slogan states,

..make it child's play! 😉


As if the system wasn't enough, we've also included some fantastic bonuses...

 The carousel blog promo template. (For Canva)

One of the blogger control base steps is creating an Instagram carousel promotion for your blog. 

We have developed this template for you to help you create a beautiful and seamless carousel, quickly.

Valued at $17

Now: FREE 

 Super SEO playbooks.

We have created these super easy-to-follow playbooks to help you complete specific steps in the blogger control base. 

These playbooks are also easily accessible straight from the blogger control base.

Valued at $47

Now: FREE 

 THE clean-up-your-place SEO CHECKLIST

In addition to the SEO checklist that is automatically attached to every idea card. Which only has points of interest that relate to the blog post itself.

We also give you a general SEO checklist to ensure that your entire website is search engine friendly. And prevent a bad preforming website from hurting your ranking!

We've seen marketers sell this for over $70!


 The content idea Bank

To help you develop new ideas to write, we have scraped the internet to find old blog ideas, which can provide you with the much-needed inspiration to come up with new ideas.

We've found over 30 000 and growing.

Valued at $37.


 AND We saved the best Bonus for LAST!

 The easy-to-get backlink vault.

Backlinks are still a key factor to get noticed and highly ranked by the search engines. However, getting these links aren't easy. 

We listed over 2,200 (And growing) easy-to-get backlinks. 

Think of business listings, guest blog submissions, infographic submissions, forums, etc.

We have seen marketers sell these lists for over $100!!

Now: FREE!


A beginner friendly video tutorial on how to be omnipresent on the biggest social media. Social media is more than just Instagram.

So let's recap all the amazing things you're getting.

  The Blogger Control Base ---- ----  Value $297

  The Annual Content Creator ---- ----  Value $27

  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Playbooks  ----  Value $97

  The Carousel Canva Template - Value $17

  The Ultimate SEO Checklist - Value $30

  The Clean-up-your-place Checklist  ---- Value $70

  The Blog Content Idea Bank (+30000 ideas) ---- Value $197

  The Easy-2-Get Backlink Vault (+2000 backlinks) ---- Value $110

Total Value: $845


🔥The Introductory Sale Offer🔥

Only Available for the first 500!

Now For Just 

(One-Time Investment)

No Worries OR Risk... The Product Comes With A
100% 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
That means you can register today, and you don't even have to decide whether to join for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the material and experience the atmosphere of The blogger control base and then… make a decision using the information you have instead of the information you don't.

On the other hand, if you do decide to stay with us, there's another special bonus (worth $47) waiting for you. As a thank you for joining the Tjibby family.😉

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what happens after I order? 

After you have ordered you can create a BCB account directly on the thank you page.
Then you need to create an account with Airtable. (If you don't have this already.)
🚫 No, you don't need a thorough understanding of how Airtable works.
🚫 No, a paid plan is not necessary. (Their Freemium is more than sufficient!)
We've done the heavy lifting for you in Airtable. (Adding views, filters, codes, etc.) 

All you need to understand is how the Blogger Control Base works.
We've created an extensive (with a lot of visual elements) instruction in the member's area. This ensures that everyone will understand how it works as quickly as possible.
Finally, you add the template to your Airtable account and you're all set to spew out tons of super-optimized blog posts.

Happy blogging!😉


What is the Blogger Control Base? ?
It's a fancy name we gave to an Airtable base we've created and designed to take back control of your blog. Allow you to research, write, optimize, and promote your blog posts in a streamlined way.

What is Airtable?
Airtable is what I like to call a spreadsheet with superpowers. You can create various systems by adding views, custom codes, filters, and more.

But don't worry, you don't need a thorough understanding of it since we've done the heavy lifting for you. 

All you need to understand is the system we've created. We have excellent visual instructions, which will make it super easy for you to understand.

Does Airtable cost money?
Nope. Well, as long as you don't go over 1,200 records, or in this case, over 1,200 blog ideas. It won't cost you anything. 

No monthly fees! 🤗
For who is this for? 
It's for bloggers, content marketers, and business owners—basically, anyone Who wants to utilize content marketing but struggles to find a good workflow. 

What bonuses are included?
What bonuses are included?
So next to the Airtable template, you also get:

✔️ Canva carousel template.
✔️ SEO playbooks!
✔️ SEO checklist
✔️ Clean up your place checklist.
✔️ The content idea Bank (with over 30,000 ideas.)
✔️ The easy-to-get backlink vault. (Over 2,000 and growing)
Why do I need this?
You need this because it helps to stay organized and pushes you to give every blog post as much attention and optimization as it deserves.

Alongside that, you also create a robust database of your blog posts. All its assets (blog URL, backlink URLs, keywords research results, promo material, etc.) are neatly stored in one record.
How is it delivered? 
You can create an account right after your purchase on the thank-you page. In the members' area, you can instantly find everything.

How does it work?
When you submit your blog ideas, a card is created in your blogger control base. After giving it a deadline, the keyword research view is the first thing you go to. 

To work on an idea, you click on the card. There you either fill in a URL, write down something, upload a file, or check the box.

Whenever you complete the task, the card will disappear from the view you are working on and reappear in the next view.

And this is how you push an idea card through all the views to convert your idea to a highly optimized blog post.

Where Are You Located?
We are located in the Netherlands. You know that little country in the northwest of Europe where they always split the bill. (Going Dutch😉).
Is it a one-time-only price?
Yes, a one-time-only investment. Airtable freemium is sufficient, so there are no monthly fees there either.
Say no more, where can I place an order?
Amazing! I know you will love them!🥰 You can order below!


Limited Time / Lifetime Deal

What you're getting:

The Blogger Control Base


SEO Playbooks.


SEO Checklist


The Annual Content Plan Creator.


The Carousel Canva Template


The Clean-up-your-place checklist


The Blog Content Idea Bank (+30,000)


The Easy-2-Get Backlink Vault (+2,000)


Free Updates for Life


7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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The Blog Template Chest: Speed ​​up your blog post writing with these 25 blog post templates! A template for how-to posts, press releases, product reviews, and much more. Add the entire chest (and future updates) to your order now for only $17!

THE OUTSOURCING POWER UP⚡: With The Blogger Control Base you can easily add collaborators to your base and assign certain sections. You can even set automatic notification. The outsourcing Power Up is a video training in which you learn how you can effectively find qualitative but also very affordable remote workers. In addition, you get access to the fill-in-the-blank job posting template library and a list of helpful interview questions to differentiate the good from the bad. Add this to your order for only $27 and delegate yourself to ultimate freedom!

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"Publishing a blog post twice a week is made easy, even if you are a one (wo-)man army!"

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