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Crafting an email sequence can feel like playing a game of charades with a robot—awkward, confusing, and a whole lot of guessing. You've got all these pieces, but making them fit?

It's like building a LEGO castle in the dark. Sure, you could tap into ChatGPT, but sometimes it's like speaking different languages. "Write me a sales email" turns into a game of digital Telephone—lost in translation!

Hiring a copywriter is an option, but who wants to toss their cash into a monthly bonfire?

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Don't know what to post?

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Wasting too much time on creating content?

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Don't feel your in full control of your content creation?

The Solution:

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Picture this: You fill out a handful of questions—easy peasy—and BOOM! 🎉

Out rolls an email sequence that's like catnip for your target audience.

Yep, it's that simple.

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Generates AI Prompts For Email Sequences!


Choose from our smorgasbord of pre-sale, post-sale, or miscellaneous sequences.


No essays, promise! Just a few quick questions.


Shove that generated prompt into ChatGPT and watch your email magic unfold.

In Less Than A HOUR, You Have
1.5 Years Of Follow-Up Emails Running.

The amazing thing about it is… when everything is set to run… it will keep running… and running… and running...

Without you lifting a finger.

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You Can Generate Any Of The Following Email Sequences!

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Pre-Sale Sequences!

✅ 12-step Lead Nurture Sequence.
✅ Simple 3-step lead nurture sequence.
✅ 3 Days P.A.S.O.P. Formula Lead Nurture Sequence.
​✅​ 7-Step Lead Nurture (eCommerce)
​✅ 6-Step Lead Nurture Sequence

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Post-Sale Sequences

✅ 19-step post-purchase sequence.
✅ Recommendations sequence. (eCommerce)
​​✅ 5 Part SAAS Training Series. (SAAS)
​✅ 4-Part Shipping Status Sequence (eCommerce)

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Other Sequences

✅ Cart abandonment Sequence
✅ ​5-day crash course sequence
✅ Cold prospecting sequence
​✅ 9-part onboarding sequence
​✅ Re-engagement sequence
​✅ Product Launch Sequence
✅ ​Webinar sequence
​✅ 4 part happy birthday sequence

Many Of The Sequences Include emails like...

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The "Here Is Your Unadvertised Bonus" Email.

005-commitment png

The "Avoid These Big Mistakes" Email.

student png

The "#1 thing I’ve learned" Email.

laughing png

The "Something Funny Happened" Email.

002-recommend png

The "I Have Some Amazing Tips To Share" email.

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The "Don't overlook this crucial thing" email.

As you can see, it's not always about selling…we shouldn't want that...
Sometimes we just like to bring a smile to our subscribers' faces.

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An Airtable Template!

To ensure you'll develop more carousels in less time, we've built this powerful Carousel creation system with Airtable.

The Carousel Creation Accelerator.

Following a simple yet effective SOP. (Standard Operating Procedure)

1️⃣ Submit ideas!
2️⃣ Write the text for each idea.
3️⃣ Design the images.
4️⃣ Schedule your carousels.

With this, you have a streamlined workflow to create multiple carousels at the same time, no matter if you're alone or working in a team.

Airtable is completely FREE to use, and the template is instantly ready. You don't need to build or understand how Airtable works.

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  • Time-Saver: Why spend hours hammering out emails? This is your fast-pass to email success.
  • Unique Content: No cookie-cutter nonsense. Each email is as unique as a snowflake—or your favorite childhood toy.
  • Budget-Friendly: No more forking over your hard-earned cash for monthly fees. One price, endless possibilities.
  • ​Expert-Designed Sequences: These aren't your grandma's emails. We're talking sequences forged in the fires of marketing wisdom.
  • No Skills Required: If you can answer questions like, "What's your favorite color?", you can use this tool. It's like playing "20 Questions," but you always win.

For just $37, you unlock the golden gate to email marketing glory. Yes, you read that right. For less than a family meal at your favorite fast-food joint, you can turn cold leads into loyal fans.


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You now have a system in place and beautiful rebranded carousel templates. Now we need to research ideas to create.

And not any content, but content your UNIQUE audience is actually looking for.

In this simple 4-phase playbook we...

1️⃣ Create different content buckets.
2️⃣ Research your audience.
3️⃣ Transform findings into carousel ideas.
4️⃣ Submit everything into your Airtable base.

We also created a handy content bucket spreadsheet to ensure you remain organized during your research.

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Of course we do not recommend publishing carousels only. In fact, we recommend using at least 3 different formats. Each with its own purpose!

➡️ Carousels: To educate your followers, gain authority, and sell your offers.
➡️ Reels: Increase your reach and grow your following base.
➡️ Stories: To warm up your followers and to promote your offers & posts.

This doesn't mean you have to create entirely new content.

In this tutorial, we show you two ways (A free and a paid way) how to repurpose your just-made carousels into fun faceless Reels.

Also worth noting, the Airtable system can also be used for your Reels and video content.

Add them in like any other idea, then use the input fields for the carousel slides as scenes for your reel or video.

No Worries OR Risks... The Product Comes With A

100% 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

That means you can enroll today and don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Complete Email Funnel Method and then...make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

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See What Others Had To Say About The CEF Generator!

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Frequently Asked Questions


 What’s exactly inside The Complete Email Funnel Generator?

With the Complete Email Funnel generator, you can generate entire sequences, Designed to sell any offer you might sell.

In total, you can generate 175 emails in 20 different sequences, by simply filling in a form. Questions about you, your offer, and your business.

Then we'll automatically send the emails straight to your inbox.

 Is everything available immediately?

Yes, you will have instant access to all the content after you've ordered! Right after you've ordered you'll be asked to create an account.

Ensure you'll use the same email address ad the one you use to order this.

Is there a monthly fee?

Only a one-time payment of $47!

What if I don't like it and decide this isn't for me?

I'm so confident you're going to love The Complete Email Funnel Method that I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you use Complete Email Funnel Method—and don't completely love it—I will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

Can I See An Example Of An Email Template?

Of course, just click on the photo below to enlarge it. With the generator, we will autofill your answers in the blanks.



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