Use This User-friendly Notion Template to


So you can publish a diverse content plan, but more importantly, you can easily stick to it!

✅ Effortless planning with a drag and drop calendar.

Simple workflow with a format specific Kanban boards.

✅ Never miss a beat with format specific Checklists.

✅ Extensive format specific AI prompts following our unique frameworks.

✅ Daily engagement checklists automatically created.

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Your daily posts for the coming month? Scheduled and set to dazzle.

Imagine, in just a couple of days, your Instagram content calendar is not just full, but brimming with creativity. 

And that's not all - you have another 50 ideas, each fully written and ready to spring to life as eye-catching carousels or engaging Reels.

And if that's not enough – You also have over 100 more ideas in your base just waiting for your magic touch.

And no, not worthless content!

But wonderful storytelling carousels that teach a valuable life lesson, super cool Reels that explain complex stuff in seconds, and hilarious memes that are super relatable to your audience.

You see, you're not just throwing up random dances or quotes that don't mean much. Instead, you're sharing stuff that shows off how clever you are. So, when someone who might want to work with you takes a look, and thinks...

"Wow, this person really knows their stuff!"

How liberating would that feel? To finally wave goodbye to:

The daily grind of content creation.

Fears of your Instagram presence withering away.

The demotivation from yet another 'surefire viral hit' barely makes a ripple.

Instead, with your content scheduled and a vault of ideas at your disposal, staying ahead of the game becomes effortless, paving the way for consistency, engagement, and growth.

Staying consistent for months years becomes super easy - No lack of likes and comments will ever stop you again!

And it only takes one post catching the viral wave to bring in life-changing results!

Sounds like a dream? It’s not. This is the reality we live and breathe, and now, it’s within your reach too.

❌ No tech wizardry is needed, and no prior content mastery is required.

Just you, our toolkit, and a few days to revolutionize how you do Instagram.

Meet the IG Command Center:

Your all-in-one toolkit for transforming your Instagram game. 

Inside, you'll find a super-organized Notion system to keep your ideas neat and your creation process smooth. And that's just the beginning. We've packed in over 14+ AI prompts, inspired by Instagram experts, to guide your content creation, ensuring your posts are nothing short of brilliant.

To make sure your visuals are as captivating as your ideas, you'll get access to a wealth of Canva carousel and meme templates, along with design elements to add that extra flair to your posts.


It's A comprehensive Notion template designed to streamline your Instagram content creation and engagement.

✅ Comprehensive Content Creation Workflow

Elevate your content planning with a sleek table designed for organizing and strategizing Instagram posts. This table, complete with customizable fields for ideas, descriptions, formats, and types, sits next to a drag-and-drop calendar view, making scheduling as simple as a swift move of your mouse.

✅ Format-Specific Templates with Checklists

Stay organized and focused on specific content requirements, with the Unique templates for different content formats. Each with a tailored checklist.

✅ Format-Specific AI Prompts

Dive into prompts designed for Carousels, Single Images, or Reels, each following our unique framework. These prompts are your creative spark, guiding you to produce standout content effortlessly.

✅ Board Views for Content Status Tracking

Visualize your content pipeline, easily track progress, and maintain a consistent posting schedule. The board views for each content format, categorizing posts into stages like Not Started, In Progress, Ready for Schedule, and Done.

✅ Ready-to-Schedule Content Organizer

Streamline your scheduling process, ensuring timely and efficient content publication with the dedicated view for ready to be scheduled content. 

✅ Daily Engagement Checklists

Boost your Instagram engagement systematically, fostering better connections with your audience with the daily engagement. This event is automatically created every day and viewed in a dedicated calendar. 

How does it work and how can i create A month worth of content with it?

Start by pouring your (Or ChatGPT's) creative ideas into the IG Command Center's intuitive table. Watch as your concepts are automatically send to a calendar and sorted into three distinct Kanban boards, each dedicated to Reels, Carousels, and Single Images. This seamless organization transforms your ideas into a clear, actionable plan.

Creative Workflow

Dive into your designated board and select an idea to bring it to life. Each board is equipped with format-specific checklists and AI prompts, guiding you through the creation process.

For Reels, unlock engaging scripts; for Carousels, discover captivating sequences; and for Images, find inspiration that speaks volumes. This tailored approach ensures your content not only stands out but also deeply engages your audience.

Example Outputs

REEL Script

Image Posts!

Carousel Content

Day-by-Day Creation Process

Spend the first day focusing solely on Carousels. With format-specific checklists and AI prompts, creating compelling Carousels becomes a breeze. And with the embedded Canva tool designing because just as streamlined.  After !0 carousels and your done for the day!

Shift gears to Reels on the second day. Utilize our unique prompts to generate engaging voice-over scripts that capture your audience's attention. Use this script to record your video. or utilize text to speech tools like Eleven Labs! After 10 videos you're done for the day!

Dedicate the third day to crafting stunning Single Images. Our prompts inspire creative, attention-grabbing posts that enhance your feed's visual appeal. Then choose one of the phrases generated and design an supporting image with Canva. After 10 images you're done for the day!

With your content ready, the final step is scheduling. The IG Command Center's intuitive interface allows you to see all your prepared content at a glance, ready to be published. Schedule your Carousels, Reels, and Images effortlessly, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence on Instagram.

The IG Command Center is more than just a tool;

it's a comprehensive solution designed to transform your Instagram strategy. By dedicating just four days to content creation, you can have a month's worth of posts ready to go. This streamlined process not only saves you time but also ensures your feed remains diverse and engaging.

*You Do Need A FREE Notion Account!

Who's This For: Is the IG Command Center Right for You?

The IG Command Center is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to establish or enhance their authority on Instagram. It's meticulously designed to systemize your content creation process, enabling you to share consistent, high-quality content that resonates with your audience. Here's who will benefit most:

Aspiring Influencers

Build Your Brand: Position yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Share insights, tips, and stories that showcase your expertise, attracting a dedicated following.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Showcase Your Expertise: Highlight your business's value, products, and services. Use consistent, authoritative content to build trust and establish your brand as a go-to resource.

Coaches and Consultants

Share Your Knowledge: Educate your audience with valuable content. From tips to transformative insights, help your followers grow while positioning yourself as an authority in your field.

Content Creators and Freelancers

Demonstrate Your Skills: Use your Instagram to showcase your creativity and professional abilities. Regular, well-crafted posts can attract clients and collaborations.

This system is not just about managing Instagram content; it's about strategically growing your account to enhance your visibility and authority. Whether you're aiming to influence, educate, or sell, the IG Command Center is your roadmap to success on Instagram.

This system is not just about managing Instagram content; it's about strategically growing your account to enhance your visibility and authority. Whether you're aiming to influence, educate, or sell, the IG Command Center is your roadmap to success on Instagram.


Elevate Your Social Media with a Strategy, Not Just Posts

In addition to the revolutionary IG Command Center, we've gone a step further to ensure your success on social media. Included in your toolkit are the Social Media Marketing Strategy SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and 10+ powerful worksheets designed to supercharge your content creation process.

Dive into worksheets like the Core Message Creator and Content Pillar Creator, among others, to refine your strategy, craft compelling messages, and establish strong content pillars that resonate with your audience. 

Harness the true power of Notion

Manage Your Instagram Content with the Notion Template Designed to Align with Your Vision and Propel You to Instagram Success!

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🔥HUGE SALE: $77 $17

 Get Lifetime Updates

 Get Format Specific Checklists

 Get Format Specific AI Prompts

 Get a Daily IG engagement Tracker

 Step-by-Step Instructions

 Social Media Marketing Strategy SOP 

 Core Message Worksheet

 Social Media Audit Worksheet

 Buyer Persona Worksheet

 Social Media Preferences Survey Template

 Common Questions Capture Worksheet

 Content Pillars Worksheet

 And more...

  SWOT Analysis Execution

SWOT Analysis provides insights into a company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, offering strategic direction.

 Implementing a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs enhance customer retention by rewarding repeat business, fostering brand loyalty.

 Creating a Boston Matrix (BCG Matrix)

The Boston Matrix helps in portfolio analysis, categorizing products based on market growth and share.

 Performing a PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL analysis offers a comprehensive view of the external macro-environmental factors affecting a business.

 Analyzing Porter's Five Forces

Porter's Five Forces framework evaluates industry competitiveness and profit potential.

 Identifying the Target Market

Identifying the target market is crucial for effective marketing and product development.

 Conducting a Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis optimizes operations by examining activities to create value and reduce costs.

 Creating a Client Proposal Brief

Client proposals outline services and solutions, showcasing expertise and building client trust.

 Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media strategies increase brand awareness and engagement across digital platforms.

 Developing a SEO Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies improve website visibility and organic search rankings, driving web traffic.

 Crafting a Sales Pitch

Effective sales pitches are crucial for persuading potential clients and closing deals.

 Negotiating with Suppliers

Supplier negotiations achieve favorable terms, reducing costs and strengthening supply chain relationships.

 Designing a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys gather feedback, helping to improve services and customer experience.

 Hiring and Onboarding New Employees

Efficient hiring and onboarding processes ensure talent acquisition and quick employee integration.

 Managing Remote Teams

Remote team management ensures productivity and engagement, adapting to modern work environments.

 Implementing Cybersecurity Best Practices

Cybersecurity practices protect organizational data against breaches, ensuring operational integrity.

 Conducting Focus Group Market Research

Focus groups provide in-depth insights into consumer perceptions and preferences.

 Outsourcing Non-core Activities

Outsourcing frees up resources for core activities, increasing efficiency and scalability.

 Identifying and Mitigating Business Risks

Risk management identifies potential problems, protecting against threats and losses.

 Running Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads campaigns boost online presence and target specific audiences for increased sales.

 Crafting Engaging Email Newsletters

Email newsletters effectively communicate with customers, maintaining engagement and loyalty.

 Building a Multi-step Sales Funnel

Multi-step sales funnels nurture leads through different stages, improving conversion rates.

 Implementing a CRM System

CRM systems manage customer interactions, enhancing relationship management and sales growth.

 Designing a Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide ensures consistent branding across all marketing materials and platforms.

 Developing a Business Recovery Plan

Business recovery plans prepare for crises, ensuring continuity and resilience.

 Crafting an Attention-Grabbing Press Release

Press releases capture media attention, increasing brand exposure and credibility.

 Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis on social media provides insights into public perception and brand health.

  Establishing Cross-Promotion Partnerships

Cross-promotion partnerships widen market reach and foster collaborative opportunities.

 Developing a Crisis Communication Toolkit

Crisis communication tools manage public relations during emergencies, protecting brand reputation.

 Planting SEEDS marketing strategy

SEEDS strategy starts with a viral meme about a problem, then retargets with a product solution.

 Launching an Influencer Partnership Program

Influencer partnerships extend brand reach and influence through social media personalities.

 Creating a Content Calendar for Blogging

Content calendars organize blogging efforts, ensuring consistent and strategic publication.

 Conducting a Competitive Landscape Analysis

Competitive analysis identifies market standing and opportunities for differentiation.

 Implementing a Voice of the Customer Program

Voice of the Customer programs collect customer feedback, driving improvements and satisfaction.

 Crafting a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Multi-channel marketing reaches customers through various platforms, maximizing engagement.

 Building a High-Performance Sales Team

Building a skilled sales team drives revenue growth and market success.

 Creating a Social Media Crisis Response Plan

Social media crisis plans manage online reputation during adverse events.

  Optimizing Conversion Rates with A/B Testing

A/B testing improves website and campaign performance by testing different variations.

  Implementing a Personalization Strategy

Personalization strategies enhance customer experience and increase engagement.

  Establishing Thought Leadership through Webinars

Webinars establish expertise and thought leadership, attracting and educating audiences.

 Creating a Customer Win-Back Strategy

Win-back strategies re-engage and retain former customers, improving loyalty.

 Leveraging User-Generated Content

Utilizing content created by users boosts authenticity and engagement.

 Optimizing Supplier Relationship Management

Effective management of supplier relationships ensures a stable supply chain and cost efficiencies.

 Crafting the Marketing mix

The marketing mix optimizes product, price, place, and promotion for market success.

 Designing an Effective Customer Support Strategy

A robust customer support strategy enhances satisfaction and fosters loyalty.

 Crafting a Powerful Unique Value Proposition

A strong unique value proposition differentiates a brand in the market.

 Crafting a STP Marketing Model Strategy

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) helps tailor marketing efforts to specific audience segments.

  Measuring Business with the AAARRR Pirate Metrics

AAARRR metrics provide a framework for measuring growth stages from awareness to revenue.

  Creating Viral Content with the STEPPS Framework

The STEPPS framework guides the creation of content that's more likely to go viral.

 Crafting the RACE Model Framework

RACE (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing.

And more...!