Create 30 Instagram Posts In Less Than 4 Days To Stay Consistent And Gain Trust!

The IG command center. The ultimate Notion template that streamlines your Instagram Carousels, Reels, & solo Image post creation and lets you easily create content in batches with format-specific workflows and super-extensive AI prompts! (AI Instructions)

Never let the lack of likes and reach STOP you again!

*Notion is a free productivity app that allows users to create, organize, and collaborate on notes, databases, and projects. 

✅ Dive into tailor-made, format-specific workflows designed to skyrocket your productivity.

Explore over 14 cutting-edge AI prompts, including the mesmerizing "Storytelling Carousel" and the engaging "Tutorial Reel."

Improve your daily routine with auto-generated engagement checklists, complete with a comment bank!

✅ Elevate your IG Stories with a planner and a vast vault of 23,000+ polls, quick tips, and bold statements.

A Notion Template that:

✅ Streamlines Content Planning with a drag and drop calendar.

✅ Speed-run Content Creation with super extensive AI prompts

✅ Simplifies Daily IG Engagement with auto-generated checklists!

Wave goodbye to Instagram inconsistency

Press Play On the Video Below And Say Hello To A World Of Impactful, Engaging Content With The IG Command Center. ⬇️


Warning, This Is Not:

A never-ending course with zero practical tips.

A 500-page eBook promising you a million followers overnight.

An overly complex productivity system that aims to do everything, yet excels at nothing.

Instead, we've focused on crafting a practical and easy-to-use 

Notion Template that Covers Everything An Instagram Content Creator Needs!

All while staying organized!

And getting the most out of AI!

Turn One Simple Idea Into 14 Awesome Posts with these AI prompts!

Imagine Your Instagram content for the coming month ready & Scheduled In Less Than 4 days!

✅ In 4 days you'll have 30 amazing posts scheduled ready to steal the show!

✅ And that's not all - you have another 50 ideas, each fully written and ready to spring to life as eye-catching carousels or engaging Reels.

And no, not worthless content!

But wonderful storytelling carousels that teach a valuable life lesson, super cool Reels that explain complex things in seconds, and hilarious memes that are super relatable to your audience.

How liberating would that feel? To finally wave goodbye to:

❌ The daily grind of content creation.

❌ Fears of your Instagram presence fading away.

❌ The demotivation from yet another 'surefire viral hit' barely getting a like.

Instead, staying consistent for years becomes super easy - No lack of likes and comments will ever stop you again!

And it only takes one post catching the viral wave to bring in life-changing results!

Sounds like a dream? It’s not. This is the reality we live and breathe, and now, it’s within your reach too.

❌ No tech wizardry is needed, and no prior content mastery is required.

Just you, our toolkit, and a few days to revolutionize how you do Instagram.

Meet The IG Command Center:


Your all-in-one toolkit for transforming your Instagram game.

Inside, you'll find a super-organized Notion system to keep your ideas neat and your creation process smooth. And that's just the beginning. We've packed in over 15+ AI prompts, inspired by Instagram experts, to guide your content creation, ensuring your posts are nothing short of brilliant.

To make sure your visuals are as captivating as your ideas, you'll get access to a wealth of 50+ carousel and meme Canva templates, along with design elements to add that extra flair to your posts.

The Notion Template features:

✅ A place to dump your ideas:

With one click, you can quickly jot down any sudden spark of creativity. You'll never forget a great idea again. (Notion has a mobile app!)

✅ Drag-and-Drop Calendar:

Arrange your posts using a clear and easy-to-use calendar. Planning your content has never been smoother.

✅ Format-Specific Kanban Boards:

Get into the details with boards made for Reels, Carousels, and Single Images. This way, you can concentrate on one type of content at a time without any mix-ups.

✅ Format Specific Page Templates + AI Prompts:

Find checklists and AI prompts (AI Instructions) made just for each type of post. Boost your content creation with ease.

Turn one simple idea into 15+ super engaging posts in just a matter of minutes with aI

Let's Say You're A Realtor And Have The Following Idea...

Topic: Selling Your Home

Topic Description: i want to share the importance of Depersonalizing your home when selling it.

And Just like that, with the IG Command Center and its AI prompts, you've got yourself over 15 engaging posts ready to go! View the outputs below! 

ℹ️ Click on the image to have a closer look! 


✅ The "Listicle" Reel Prompt
​✅ The "Tutorial" Reel Prompt
​✅ The "Share A Tip" Reel Prompt.
​✅ The "Sarcastic Mistake" Reel Prompt.
The "Storytelling" Reel Prompt.
​​✅ The "Short-form" Reel Prompt.

✅ The "Listicle" Carousel Prompt
​✅ The "Step-by-Step Guide" Carousel Prompt
​✅ The "Share A Tip" Carousel Prompt.
​✅ The "Common Mistake" Carousel Prompt.
The "Storytelling" Carousel Prompt.

✅ The "Quick Tip" Image Prompt
​✅ The "Infographic" Image Prompt.
​✅ The "Meme" Image Prompt.
The "Funny Quote" Image Prompt.

One simple idea in 15 great posts essentially means you only need 25 ideas to fill your entire year with daily posts!😲

*For our non-english speaking customers, simply add "Output language: [Your Language]" at the end of the prompt and you're good to go! View an example below.

But How Does It Work?
I'm Not Familiar With Notion!

Worried about not understanding Notion? Don't be! We've made it super simple, so you don't need to know anything about Notion to dive in.

I remember feeling a bit lost with Notion at first too. But here's the cool part: our template is ready to go, right out of the box.

You just simply:

STEP 1: Add Your Ideas!

With a click of a button add your ideas to Notion and drag-and-drop them on the calendar. Think of Reels, Carousels, And Single image post ideas!

STEP 2: Write Content!

Dive into the Reel board and write the script for a bunch of ideas back-to-back using the AI prompts. Then move on to the carousel board & single image post board to do the same!

STEP 3: Design Posts!

Now  design 10 single images. Then shoot, record or use AI tools to create 10 reels. Finally, design 10 carousel posts and boom you're done for the month!

It's as straightforward as it gets, but hey, we've also thrown in a step-by-step guide to get you rolling smoothly and swiftly. No stress, all success!😉

Watch the Notion template in action below! ⬇️

*Oh.. and yes, Notion is completely free, only if you want to use Notion AI you pay a small fee! But to save on that you can always use good old ChatGPT instead. (We have added a button in the Notion template that opens Chatgpt directly! Keeping it streamlined!😎)

Tackling Engagement: The Complete Solution

Understanding that real interaction goes both ways, the IG Command Center adopts a complete strategy for Instagram success. It's not all about just making eye-catching content; it's equally important to be an active member of the community.

Here's how our tool incorporates this essential element:

➡️ Daily Engagement Checklist: Every day at 00:00, an engagement checklist is automatically generated for you. This ensures you consistently interact by liking and commenting on posts from other accounts, keeping you actively involved in the community.

➡️ Pre-Written Comment Bank: Gain instant access to a diverse collection of comments, enabling you to engage quickly and genuinely. This tool is designed to create meaningful interactions across different types of accounts, encouraging them to check out your profile.

➡️ Give Advice Prompt: Utilize this prompt to provide insightful advice under posts, establishing yourself as an expert. This tactic is particularly effective for engaging with new and large accounts, positioning you as an authority and attracting new followers through their extensive reach.

➡️ Funny Take Prompt: Inject humor into your interactions to form a more personal connection with your audience. Memorable, witty comments have the potential to stand out, especially under popular posts, fostering a sense of community and increasing the likelihood of your comment being pinned.

Engage to Be Engaged

It's all about joining the conversation and making friends with accounts big and small. By being active and friendly, you'll start to see more and more people swinging by your profile, turning followers into super fans and friends.

Did We Forget About Stories?

Not at all! We know just how important Instagram Stories are for talking to your followers and making your online profile more interesting. That's why the IG Command Center comes with special tools made to boost your Stories:

​Dedicated Stories Calendar:
There's a special calendar just for planning your Stories, making sure you always have something new to share.

The Story Vault: This is a huge treasure chest filled with over 23,000 ready-to-use polls, quick tips, and thought-provoking statements.

We've made sure that Stories are a big part of your Instagram plan. With the IG Command Center, every piece of your Instagram, from regular posts and talking with followers to Stories, gets the attention it needs. This way, you can reach out to your audience in every way possible.





 Service Providers

And there's Even more!

Boost your IG Command Center journey with our special bonus materials. They're put together to power up your Instagram strategy and interactions. These extras make sure you've got everything you need for a full-circle approach to rocking social media, focusing on planning smart, designing cool content, and making engaging Stories.

Bonus 1: Social Media Strategy SOP

Jump into our Social Media Strategy SOP (Step By Step Guide), filled with more than 10 worksheets and blueprints. This bonus is like a treasure map to building a strategy that really speaks to your followers.

Figure out what your followers are looking for, discover what makes you stand out (your unique selling point, or USP), and shape your special message. These tools are meant to clear up any confusion and guide you, making sure your content doesn’t just reach people but truly connects with them.

Bonus 2: Extensive AI Prompt for Diverse Content Planning

Unlock a whole year of ideas with our AI-powered content planner, customized for the next 20 days to match your varied content needs, aligned with your company's goals, dreams, and personality.

This fill-in-the-blank prompt is your secret to planning content without the headache. Pair it with your favorite chatbot, keep the ideas coming, and see a dynamic and varied content strategy roll out right before your eyes. This method makes sure your content stays interesting, on-point, and reflects what your brand stands for.

NEW | Bonus 3: Instagram Design Asset Set!

This is a HUGE one. It's like a treasure chest filled with all the cool things you need to make your Instagram posts and Stories look amazing. Here's what's inside:

40+ Carousel Templates for Canva: These Canva templates help you make those swipeable picture stories everyone loves.
Story Templates for Canva:
Get your Stories to look super cool with these special designs.
1000 Fun Avatars with Different Faces: Imagine having a thousand different cartoon faces showing all kinds of emotions to make your posts fun and engaging.
Sound Effects:
Add cool sounds to make your Reels pop.
Moving Backgrounds:
These are like magic carpets for your Reels and Stories, making them move and groove.
✅ 400+ Animated Emojis:
These aren’t your ordinary emojis; they move and bring extra fun to your posts.

These bonuses aren't just nice to have; they're must-haves that enhance the IG Command Center, ensuring you cover all bases for Instagram success.

From smart planning and creative content creation to engaging stories, these resources give you everything you need to grab your audience's attention and expand your footprint on Instagram.

Harness The True Power Of IG

Discover what you can really do on Instagram with the IG Command Center. It's a complete set of tools made for content creators who aim high and want to do their best.

Here's everything it has to offer!

 Easy Content Planning: No more jumbled content plans.

 Dynamic Calendar View: See your whole content strategy at once.

 Three Distinct Kanban Boards: Easily sort your ideas based on whether they're Reels, Carousels, or Single Images.

 Format-Specific Checklists and Prompts: Tailor-made prompts and checklists for Reels, Carousels, and Single Images.

 Daily Engagement Checklist: Keep up with your interactions without the hassle.

 Pre-Written Comments Bank: Engage with others genuinely, and save time doing it.

 Social Media Strategy SOP: Have a clear path for your content creation journey.

 Extensive AI Prompt: Unleash a year's worth of content ideas in 15 minutes.

 The Story Vault: Dive into over 23,000 polls, tips, and intriguing thoughts to keep your followers interested.

 Instagram Design Asset Set!: 40+ Seamless Carousel Templates, 1000 Fun Avatars, Story and Meme templates, motion backgrounds, and many more!

 Step-by-step instructions!

 Lifetime updates!

🔥SALE: $77 $37

Hidden Benefits of the IG Command Center

Let's take a closer look at the IG Command Center and find out the special features that don't just make creating content easier, but actually fun:

 Quick Check on What’s Next: Easy-to-see color labels let you quickly see if your posts are ready and planned for the next few days, keeping you always one step ahead.

 Smooth Process from Start to Finish: Enjoy the smooth journey of turning an idea into a finished post that's ready to go live, all organized in a neat ready-to-schedule list.

 Focus on One Format at a Time: Boost your creative power and work smarter by focusing on just making Reels or perfecting Carousels at a time, without juggling too many things.

 Teamwork is a Breeze: The IG Command Center isn't just for solo creators. Whether you're a Reel expert, a Carousel guru, or a Meme genius, everyone can work together smoothly, playing to their strengths and adding to a shared plan for amazing content.

Secure Your IG Command Center Now

Are you up for transforming your Instagram game and really connecting with your audience? The IG Command Center is here to help, making it simpler to create content, boost your interactions, and ace your Stories.

Immediate Access:
Once you get your IG Command Center, you can immediately add the whole setup to your FREE Notion account. We've got easy instructions ready, but it's so straightforward, you might not even need them.

Imagine a Week from Now:
Just one week with the IG Command Center, and you've planned a whole month of top-notch Reels, Carousels, Memes, and Stories. You're getting more likes and follows, really talking with your followers, and feeling great about it.

Forget the headache of planning content. Now, you have a solid plan, your posts are looking better than ever, and chatting with your online community feels like a breeze.

Don't miss out on making your Instagram even better. Grab your IG Command Center today and enjoy the smooth, successful Instagram life you've been dreaming of.

hink about how good it'll feel to have everything organized, giving you more time to be creative and grow. This isn't just about making things quicker; it's about taking your Instagram to new levels of awesome.

Make the Leap Today

Unlock the full potential of your Instagram content. With the IG Command Center, you're not just planning posts; you're crafting a captivating online presence that resonates with your audience. Order now and start your journey to becoming an Instagram powerhouse. The future of your content begins today.


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 Implementing a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs enhance customer retention by rewarding repeat business, fostering brand loyalty.

 Creating a Boston Matrix (BCG Matrix)

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 Performing a PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL analysis offers a comprehensive view of the external macro-environmental factors affecting a business.

 Analyzing Porter's Five Forces

Porter's Five Forces framework evaluates industry competitiveness and profit potential.

 Identifying the Target Market

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 Conducting a Value Chain Analysis

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 Creating a Client Proposal Brief

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 Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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 Developing a SEO Strategy

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 Crafting a Sales Pitch

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 Designing a Customer Satisfaction Survey

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 Hiring and Onboarding New Employees

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 Managing Remote Teams

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 Implementing Cybersecurity Best Practices

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 Conducting Focus Group Market Research

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 Outsourcing Non-core Activities

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 Identifying and Mitigating Business Risks

Risk management identifies potential problems, protecting against threats and losses.

 Running Google Ads Campaigns

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 Crafting Engaging Email Newsletters

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 Building a Multi-step Sales Funnel

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 Implementing a CRM System

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 Designing a Brand Style Guide

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 Developing a Business Recovery Plan

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 Crafting an Attention-Grabbing Press Release

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 Social Media Sentiment Analysis

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  Establishing Cross-Promotion Partnerships

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 Developing a Crisis Communication Toolkit

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 Planting SEEDS marketing strategy

SEEDS strategy starts with a viral meme about a problem, then retargets with a product solution.

 Launching an Influencer Partnership Program

Influencer partnerships extend brand reach and influence through social media personalities.

 Creating a Content Calendar for Blogging

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 Conducting a Competitive Landscape Analysis

Competitive analysis identifies market standing and opportunities for differentiation.

 Implementing a Voice of the Customer Program

Voice of the Customer programs collect customer feedback, driving improvements and satisfaction.

 Crafting a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Multi-channel marketing reaches customers through various platforms, maximizing engagement.

 Building a High-Performance Sales Team

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 Creating a Social Media Crisis Response Plan

Social media crisis plans manage online reputation during adverse events.

  Optimizing Conversion Rates with A/B Testing

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  Implementing a Personalization Strategy

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  Establishing Thought Leadership through Webinars

Webinars establish expertise and thought leadership, attracting and educating audiences.

 Creating a Customer Win-Back Strategy

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 Leveraging User-Generated Content

Utilizing content created by users boosts authenticity and engagement.

 Optimizing Supplier Relationship Management

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 Crafting the Marketing mix

The marketing mix optimizes product, price, place, and promotion for market success.

 Designing an Effective Customer Support Strategy

A robust customer support strategy enhances satisfaction and fosters loyalty.

 Crafting a Powerful Unique Value Proposition

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