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Hi Tjibbinator,

As you might have already noticed.

We are happy to announce that we've moved our website and products to a new, improved version of clickfunnels 2.0 (The platform we use.).

However, it's yet to be possible to transfer all our members at once. So we need to move everyone manually, which can take a while. Your email address may not be recognized when asking for a magic link. 

Take a sneak peek.⬇️

Screen Shot 10-25-22 at 11.23 AM.PNG

So, what to do now?

If your email address isn't recognized, please send us a message right here.

We can often immediately find your purchase and will, therefore, immediately link the product to your account. Once you're enrolled, you'll receive an email as below!

After this you should be able the access your product and ask for magic links if needed.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you enjoy the new member area as much as we do.😊