ATTN: Gym Owners And Fitpreneurs...

Use This Simple Plug-n-Play
Social Media Content Plan 

To Attract an Avalanche of Health & Fitness Enthusiast. Even if you have ZERO followers and ZERO social media experience.

+ Content!


Is Social Media Causing You STRESS?

Feeling OVERWHELMED Trying To Come Up With Something To Post?

Always WONDERED Why It's So Hard To Build an Audience Online?

You Are Not Alone! 

2 Years Of Stress free, scroll-stopping, powerful posts
in just one weekend!

With Posts Planned In Advance You’ll Feel a HUGE Sense of Relief & Accomplishment!


Get A BULLETPROOF Social Media Plan!

Don't just simply post the same kind of post every single time!

But post a mixture of content that:





We've created a solid social media plan where we roulate those four different types of posts perfectly! This way you'll always keep the posibility to go viral without coming of too spammy! 

NOTE: We have planned out until December 31, 2021
You're only one post away to go viral!

✅ 150 Health & Fitness Quotes! ✅100 Engaging Health & Fitness Questions! ✅Our Secret Content Idea Bank!

Get Viral-Worthy Video Content!

Most social media content calendars only tell you what to post. 
We also provide you with viral-worthy fitness content!


Inspiring Fitness Quotes Videos!

Motivational, inspiring, and funny quotes your followers can't resist sharing so that you never have to go down the Google rabbit hole searching for a quote to share with your followers


Shocking Fitness Facts Videos!

Interesting fitness facts that will showcase your expertise in the health & fitness niche! Which will give your trust-rate & sales an insane boost!


Engaging Fitness Questions Videos!

Questions proven to boost engagement (comments, likes, and shares) from your fans so that social media platforms organically promote your posts to get in front of more people without paying for ads!

A Total Of 120 Fitness Videos!


Get High-Engaging Images!

Below You'll Find A Small portion Of The Huge Image Collection!

Over 2,400 Images!

Always Have Something Amazing To Post!


✅Memes ✅Quotes ✅Facts ✅Challenges ✅Questions ✅Holidays ✅And More


Schedule 2 Years Of Content In Just One Weekend!

Now you have the plan, you have the content.
All you have to do now is pre-schedule everything in advance!

Easy-To-Follow Hellowoofy* Guide

A step-by-step action plan on how to schedule 2 years of daily content in a matter of days instead of months. 

Just in a few days from now you'll have everything scheduled and don't have to worry about social media until at least 2022!
* Is a Free-To-Use Social Media Schedular! (Max. 1000 posts!)

BONUS: The Get-Sh*t-Done Trello Board

If you want to use more of your own created content. Or you want to schedule it month by month!
Then you can use our trello board template..

For each month their own checklist based on our bulletproof social media plan. 
Work in teams and get things done!

What Others Had To Say

We promise that you CAN do this. 
But the best part is... you don’t even have to believe us!
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the guide, the templates, or the extras after 7 days, we will offer you a full refund, for any reason.
That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Socionator quick fix and then...make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I see an example of the calendar?
Sure thing. See the image below. You'll see the first two weeks of june 2020.

Each day is a prompt of what to post and it’s in an editable format, allowing you to customize it depending on your promotional calendar and special events for your business. we've added a content cheatsheet with more than 60 ideas to post so you can quickly edit the event into some of the other amazing ideas to post.
 Click on the image to enlarge! 
Is this only for the health & fitness niche?

Yes, this calendar is specially made for the fitpreneurs. Wish to have another niche? Click here to find the calendar that suits your business

Won't we all now be posting the same posts?
Yes and no. We did plan in the social media plan to come up with personal and therefore unique content! 

For the content we've created yes, however, it's such a huge pile of content + the health & fitness niche is even bigger. That the chances are that your followers would have seen the post already is slim to none! 

Besides this entire plan is there for you to have daily content scheduled for the least amount of effort. 

When everything is scheduled you can always post your amazing and unique content alongside it! But the big difference now is.... you don't HAVE to! 

How will I receive Everything?
After order, you'll be asked to create an account (If you haven't already.) In the socionator members area, you'll find all the digital assets you've ordered. Including the bonuses! 
Can I Edit The Videos & images?
yes, the videos are completely yours. So, you can edit them as much as you please.

Can I Add My Logo To the Videos & Images?
Yes, you're free to add your logo's to all the provided content.

Is everything available immediately?
Yes, you will have instant access to all the content after you've ordered!

Where are the quotes & questions?
They are in the calendar spreadsheet. The last few tabs next to the December tab, is where you can find the quotes and all the questions! 

Also, we've added a link to these tabs on all the "quote-days" and "question-days". To improve usability! 

Do I Need A Hellowoofy Account?
If you want to schedule everything in days instead of months then yes! We strongly advise creating a Hellowoofy account! The good thing is that their freemium account is sufficient enough to schedule two years of daily content!

How many followers will I gain?

We have no idea! Our goal isn't to get you a lot of followers. However, posting every single day for two years straight is definitely going to be a positive effect on your follower's count!

Our main goal is to SAVE you time and help you be consistent until December 2021! And we can guarantee you that this will save you hours, days and maybe even weeks of time! Heck, we give you the ability to schedule two years of daily content in less than two weeks' time!

 Where can I get some support? 
On the right of your screen, you can find a chatbox where you can chat with us about whatever. Or, if you please, you can reach us at and we are happy to help. 

Makes Running A Business Child's Play!
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