Who We Are & What We Do:

Welcome to Tjibby Marketing, where we turn business into child's play! 🎡

We're not about flashy cars and empty promises. Instead, we focus on real action and results. Our motto? "Make Business Child's Play."

Think of us as your go-to team for making business simple and enjoyable. We're here to guide you through the business world with clear, fun, and effective strategies.

Let's make your business journey successful together!

Our Mission & Vision:

Simplifying Your Path to Success

Our goal is clear: "Make Business Child's Play." We're all about offering bite-sized, straightforward tips that clear away confusion.

As for our vision, think of a day where Tjibby's Guides are as vital as your morning coffee. We're creating a future where anyone, even beginners, can transform their passions into successful businesses.

What We Offer:

Your Toolkits for Adventure

​Systems for Steady Progress:

Make your content creation as smooth as a well-oiled machine.

Tjibby's Treasure Maps

Consider these your all-in-one GPS for business. They lead you right to the target, every single time!

How We Plan to Achieve This:

Our Strategy, Your Success

How do we aim to make you a standout in the business world?

By doing what we do best: crafting straightforward guides and systems that are as enjoyable as they are helpful.

We put you, the budding entrepreneur or small business owner, at the heart of our approach. We tailor our guides to suit your individual journey towards success.

Tjibby Marketing​
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📫 Boomblauwtjelaan 205, Den Haag, The Netherlands.​
🎂 4 Years


About The Founder

Hi, I'm Jeremy


Ten years back, I jumped into the marketing world, full of excitement and a thirst to learn. My adventure began at an ad agency, and since then, I've started various businesses – some worked, others didn't. It's been quite the adventure, for sure.

I often found myself lost in a maze of mixed-up advice. I saw experts showing off their fancy cars, and I wondered if that was really the key to success. The endless stream of exaggerated promises left me feeling unsure and a bit down.

In the middle of all this, I helped friends and family with their business dreams. I noticed many were just improvising. Planning seemed like a distant thought – too complex or just too much effort for them.

Then, it clicked.

I saw a need for simple, easy-to-understand guides to help anyone in business, whether you're just starting or already know the ropes. That's why Tjibby Marketing was born.

I aimed to turn this tangled web into something as simple as child's play. I've put all my experience and the lessons from my ups and downs into Tjibby's Guides and our unique systems. My goal is to help you tune out the noise and focus on what's really important in your business.

If you're fed up with guessing, if you're ready to go from confusion to clarity, then you've come to the right place.

​Welcome to Tjibby Marketing – where business is made child's play!